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Rich Chocolaty Goodness

Rich Chocolaty Goodness

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In 2014 I was living in Los Angeles. I had just dropped out of a Ph.D. program and was on my way to South Korea to work as an English teacher. Then, I met a French teacher. We fell in love, I dropped everything, and six months later I followed her to Paris with nothing but two suitcases.

As exciting as this new life was, looking for work and struggling with everyday life in a language I didn't speak started to chip away at my confidence. I could see that people back home had been steadily building towards something: finishing Ph.D's and working stable jobs, successfully making the transition to adult life while I had the impression of continually starting over.

This became the perfect excuse to call my friends and catch up. Beautiful people with big dreams whom I've met at different stages of life and who are now researchers, artists, teachers, scientists, parents. It turns out they too are trying to figure life out.

Stay tuned for new episodes every two weeks. 

Rich Chocolaty Goodness Trailer
An introduction from host, Pedro Escobar.
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Season 1
Rich Chocolaty Goodness Trailer
An introduction from host, Pedro Escobar.
Season 1, episode 0
1 min /
Dirty Kind Eyes or The Jack Johnson of Rock Climbing
With guest, Alex Romo
Season 1, episode 1
1 hr 1 min /
Tijuana, Mi Amor
With guest, Argenis Garcia
Season 1, episode 2
1 hr 17 min /
Oedipal Dream or Peppers In Exile
With guest, Pedro Almeida
Season 1, episode 3
1 hr 31 min /
Cats, Gnats and Dads
Dignified Love Bugs
Season 1, episode 4
1 hr 53 min /
The Great Iqbal
With guest, Nabil Iqbal
Season 1, episode 5
1 hr 1 min /
How Do You Feel About Mexican Metalheads?
With guest, Diana García
Season 1, episode 6
1 hr 5 min /
The Super Fun and Happy Radio Fun Show Hour
with guest, Adam Rost
Season 1, episode 7
1 hr 31 min /
Schrödinger's Podcast
with guest, Andreas Skielboe
Season 1, episode 8
1 hr 21 min /
Encore: Mucho Maas, Un Poquito Más
With guest, Michael Grafals
Season 1, episode 9
1 hr 14 min /
What Is Your Definition of Sexy?
With guest, Ricardo Brites
Season 1, episode 10
1 hr 19 min /
Avocado Spread
With guest, Osiris Gomez
Season 1, episode 11
1 hr 33 min /
Thanks for the Feedback
With guest, Eddy Miramontes
Season 1, episode 12
1 hr 23 min /

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