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Roll With Inspiration

Roll With Inspiration

Role playing game advice for Dungeon Masters and players.

Each episode is a discussion of a mechanic, tool, or aspect of role playing games. Intended to be system agnostic the discussion pulls from many different systems. The goal is to share experiences with role playing and hopefully give you new things to try in your own games. 

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Episode 4: Aaand... Action!
The wonderful world of IBGAs (in-between game actions)
Episode 3A: The Illusion of Choice
How to make your world a little bit bigger
/ 30 min
Episode 3B: Roads to Rome
So many choices, so little time
/ 30 min
Episode 2: So Tell Me What You Want
Letting players be creative and allowing them to make choices
/ 32 min
Episode 1: Session Zero
Starting a campaign off right
/ 44 min

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