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SEO Myth busting

Every Monday, we debunk an SEO Myth like Duplicate Content, Domain Authority, Google Ranking Factors, etc.

Every Monday at 7AM GMT, a new video, between 10 and 20 minutes long is published here.

This short format podcast debunks one SEO myth at a time. Dixon Jones was my exclusive co-host on those Monday Podcasts for season one and Judith Lewis is on season two.

G Spot SEO : The Ultimate Strategy To Rank #1 On Google - SEO Conspiracy S02E14
SEOConspiracy Myth Busting S02E14 with Judith Lewis
/ 44 min
Top 5 SEO Myths in 2021 - SEO Conspiracy S02E13
SEOConspiracy Myth Busting S02E13 with Judith Lewis
/ 48 min
Should SEO use Google Disavow Tool to clean up a backlinks profile? S02E12
SEOConspiracy Myth Busting S02E12 with Judith Lewis
/ 43 min
Bad Neighbourhood in SEO - S02E11 with Judith Lewis
SEOConspiracy Myth Busting S02E11 with Judith Lewis
/ 41 min
Is Google Really Broken? - S02E10 with Judith Lewis
SEOConspiracy Myth Busting S02E10 with Judith Lewis
/ 39 min
SEO Agency Fail: Selling Client Satisfaction vs Delivering Real Results - S02E09
SEOConspiracy Myth Busting S02E09 with Judith Lewis
/ 35 min
The Evolution of Search, from backlinks to internal links with Dixon Jones
SEO Stories #13 with Dixon Jones
/ 1 hr 26 min
Some Talk Black Hat SEO, but who does it for real? S02E08
SEOConspiracy Myth Busting S02E08 with Judith Lewis
/ 44 min
Engagement is the most under rated SEO asset in 2021 - S02E07
SEOConspiracy Myth Busting S02E07 with Judith Lewis
/ 34 min
Google Guidelines : how to get results in SEO by knowing how to manipulate the system S02E06
SEOConspiracy Myth Busting S02E06 with Judith Lewis
/ 29 min
How many words per page is the best for Google SEO S02E05
SEOConspiracy Myth Busting S02E05 with Judith Lewis
/ 25 min
Domain Authority for SEO will never die. The problem is it should have never been born S02E04
SEOConspiracy Myth Busting S02E04 with Judith Lewis
/ 21 min
LSI Keywords : How Is It Possible To Believe In Them Today? Google SEO comes out with weird stuff.
SEOConspiracy Myth Busting Special #3 with Judith Lewis
/ 25 min
Can You RANK 1st on Google WITHOUT Links? Today Building BACKLINKS is Against GOOGLE Guidelines.
SEOConspiracy Myth Busting Special #2 with Judith Lewis
/ 32 min
For some, Keyword Density is still a powerful SEO Strategy Today
SEOConspiracy Myth Busting Special #1 with Judith Lewis
/ 27 min
Structured Data - Are they Important For Google SEO ? S01E40
SEOConspiracy MythBusting S01E40
/ 25 min
CTR or Click Through Rate is NOT a Google SEO Ranking Factor
SEOConspiracy MythBusting S01E39
/ 14 min

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