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Simply Sabbath

Simply Sabbath

By Rachel Fahrenbach

Rest doesn't have to be a four-letter word. If you feel like you're going to break from exhaustion, let me invite you to Simply Sabbath, a podcast for the burnt-out Christian mom, who longs to get back to the core of who she is and reclaim the deep joy and stabilizing peace Jesus has for her in her everyday-- without the mom guilt that often accompanies self-care practices.

Each week, we'll dive into all things sabbath. You'll hear some of the host's thoughts on Sabbath and the things she has learned over the past few years, but more importantly, you'll get to meet other women who are practicing Sabbath as well and learn what it looks like in their lives. Our conversations will center around God's original design for the week and how that design can be implemented in a culture that is so enslaved to hustle and hurry. 

What we are talking about in this podcast is not just another thing to add to your to-do list. This is not another expectation for you to live up to. It is a gift outstretched from the hand of your creator. An invitation to press pause on walking alongside Jesus in all the things he's called you to do. And instead, sit down across from him and just be with him. 

It is an invitation to Simply Sabbath.

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Ep 46: Sabbath & a Life of Abundance with Jazmin N. Frank
Episode 46
/ 42 min
Ep 45: Sabbath & the Single Mom with Lynn Matthews
Episode 45
/ 41 min
Ep 44: Self-care and Sabbath with Katie Pozzuoli
Episode 44
/ 40 min
Ep 43: The Flexibility of Sabbath with Anna Kettle
Episode 43
/ 48 min
Ep 42: Sabbath as a Business Owner with Valerie Woerner
Episode 42
/ 42 min
Ep 41: Sabbath & Ministry Burnout with Elisa Johnston
Episode 41
/ 54 min
Ep 39: The 5Rs of Sabbath Rest
Episode 39
/ 25 min
Ep 38: 7 Ways Sabbath Helps Us Navigate Tragedy
Episode 38
/ 21 min
Ep 37: Learning to Embrace Sabbath with Lisa Garon
Episode 37
/ 37 min
Ep 36: Should Christians Observe Sabbath? (pt 2)
Episode 36
/ 20 min
Ep 35: A Prayer for Those Still Striving
Episode 35
/ 4 min
Ep 34: Should Christians Observe Sabbath? (pt. 1)
Episode 34
/ 25 min
Ep 26: 6 Tips for Soul Care during Sabbath
/ 20 min
A Prayer for the Joyless Mom
/ 4 min
Daily Sabbath Rhythms with Angie Gibbons
/ 43 min

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