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Skagit Storytellers

Skagit Storytellers

Tell me your story, make me laugh, or play music.

Skagit Storytellers is a podcast that's dedicated to entertaining the people who are recording it. If anyone else enjoys the episodes, that's cool too. There is no agenda, a lot of exaggerating and probably shouldn't be taken seriously.
Recorded in several locations around the Skagit Valley.
Skagit Storytellers is a subsidiary of 217 Digital LLC.
Host: Liz Rankin
Email: 217.digital.co@gmail.com

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SS #020: Musical Adventures with Michael Dayvid
Michael and I chat about TikTok, LED headlights, and music!
45 min /
SS #019: He Said, She Said with Clay & Emma
The first episode of my new Marriage Series. Enjoy!
53 min /
SS #018: Your Story Matters with Nichol Ellis
The legendary, magical human that is Nichol
1 hr 2 min /
SS #017: Computers, Food and Music with Charlie Krengel
Charlie didn't think I could publish this before his next show. Ha!
1 hr /
SS #016: Mari Wuellner
My newest Bff and I sit down and chat about doing hard things.
39 min /
SS #015: Music with Wes Jones!
Lazy Acres front man and all around fun guy
59 min /
SS #014: Nicola and Steve from Sauk Mountain Pottery
A writer and a potter living their dream life in Concrete, WA.
1 hr 5 min /
SS #013: Paintin' Tulips with Chloe Lively
The host of Lively Brushes, the best paint and sip event in the PNW
47 min /
SS #012: Take Two with Zach Michaud
The hardest working singer/songwriter in the PNW.
31 min /
SS #011: Art, Tattoos and Real Talk with Anthony Martinez
Anthony's my favorite Skagit Valley artist and he also tattoos me.
51 min /
SS #010: Storytelling with the Dallas Green of Skagit Valley: Conrad Gruener
Conrad is playing at the Hub on 3/24 so of course I had to record with him.
34 min /
SS #009: The Apartment Sessions with Casie Jo the Rodeo Queen
Episode 2 in the series called, "Get to know your Hub bartenders"
58 min /
SS #008: The Vaudeville Summer Camp Series Part 2
Episode 2 with Steve, his son Preston and our buddy Jeff.
58 min /
SS #007: Silly Times with Olive
Olive is my 10 year old daughter and she's ridiculous
1 hr /
SS #006: The Apartment Sessions with Clay Christofferson
Clay is a tall storytelling husband, father and all around cool guy I met at the Liquor Store two weeks ago.
1 hr 15 min /
SS #005: The Apartment Sessions with Grizz the Bounty Hunter
Fun chat with The Hub Tavern's tallest bartender, Dustin.
55 min /
SS #004: The Liquor Store Sessions with Collin Akers (aka Rybbon)
Collin's first podcast in which we promote his first debut live show, 3/3/23 @ the Hub in Concrete, WA
56 min /
SS #003: The Vaudeville Summer Camp Series
Episode 1 with Steve and his son Preston
34 min /
SS #002: Pouring Concrete with Kev
Trivia Edition
48 min /
SS #001: Nurse Tessa
50 min /

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