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Sonic Tonic Experience

Sonic Tonic Experience

A music collaboration and wellness video podcast with world-class musicians

A music collaboration and wellness podcast with world-class musicians.

Inspiring people around the world to create music and promote wellness
so we can all become a fundamental ingredient in the global recipe to heal the planet.

STX host & music producer Darren Kramer collaborates with a different world-class guest musician every week as they both reveal the secret recipe of their new song creation by deconstructing the isolated musical ingredients using Ableton Live software.

Every guest enjoys their favorite libation as they share the recipe and explain why it invigorates them. More importantly, this podcast also explores the concept of music as medicine, and the correlation between music, health and happiness. Both participants share helpful tips how we can all grow and connect to promote peace and prosperity for all people, plants and animals on this amazing, but fragile, planet.

Each weekly episode promotes the unique ingredients of a professional musician’s life recipe and distills them into an inspiring and educational sonic tonic for all to enjoy. 

Every podcast is also available as a full HD video "vodcast" which features special visual content for each episode. This engaging bonus material includes the one-on-one Zoom interview and the Ableton collaboration set, plus exclusive videos, photos, and drink recipes to help inspire and educate by providing a multi-sensory Sonic Tonic Experience.


[Darren Kramer is host & creator of the STX podcast and is a full-time composer, producer, Electric Trombone DJ & Ableton Certified Trainer in Colorado.]

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Season 2
Amy Biondo
Singer / Songwriter New Single Release "Invisible with You"
Season 2, episode 1
/ 57 min
Season 1
Ryan Anthony
Classical Trumpet & Cancer Blows Foundation
Season 1, episode 10
/ 43 min
Rick Margitza
American Jazz Tenor Saxophonist & Composer living in Paris
Season 1, episode 9
/ 1 hr 21 min
Teddy Kumpel
NYC Guitarist with Joe Jackson
Season 1, episode 8
/ 1 hr 22 min
Andy Middleton
Saxophonist, Composer & Educator in Vienna, AUS
Season 1, episode 7
/ 1 hr 2 min
Jake Boldman
Lead Trumpet in Dallas, TX
Season 1, episode 6
/ 1 hr 17 min
Frank Klepacki
Family Stone Drummer & Video Game Composer in Las Vegas, NV
Season 1, episode 5
/ 1 hr 12 min
Dawn Kramer
Freelance Trumpet - Classical / Jazz / Latin - in Denver, CO
Season 1, episode 4
/ 1 hr 2 min
Pete Lewis
Jazz Saxophonist, Composer/Arranger & Muse Performance Space Owner in Lafayette, CO
Season 1, episode 3
/ 50 min
Gabriel Mervine
Jazz Trumpeter in Denver, CO
Season 1, episode 2
/ 53 min
Wil Swindler
Jazz Saxophonist, Composer/Arranger & Educator in Denver, CO
Season 1, episode 1
/ 1 hr

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