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Suddenly Marriage Podcast

Suddenly Marriage Podcast

By ELOHAI International Publishing & Media

Suddenly Marriage Podcast features conversations with Ray J Watson and Natasha Brown Watson who navigate the joys and challenges of their suddenly, supernatural marriage and help others do the same. The couple met, got engaged, and married within four months, and now they share their journey as they grow closer in love, marriage, and God's purpose. These candid conversations rooted in the Bible will help both newlyweds and singles prepare for marriage, build strong bonds, and combat spiritual warfare that comes with suddenly marriage.

Presented by ELOHAI International Publishing & Media 

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Show Intro Music: "Lifetime" by Charle$ Tate from the album Hashtag Love



2.7 - In Sickness and In Health with Daniel & Shekha Bradley
Season 2, episode 7
42 min /
2.4 The Journey to a Supernatural Love Story: Part 2
Ray J's Journey
Season 2, episode 4
1 hr 32 min /
2.5 - The Journey to a Supernatural Love Story: Live Finale
Season 2, episode 5
1 hr 32 min /
2.3 The Journey to a Supernatural Love Story: Part 1
Natasha's Journey
Season 2, episode 3
2 hr 6 min /
2.1 We've Been Married a Year!
Season 2, episode 1
32 min /
1. Married in 4 Months! (Our Story)
Season 1, episode 1
21 min /
2. Finding The One & Overcoming Spiritual Warfare
Season 1, episode 2
30 min /
3. Is Suddenly Marriage Biblical?
Season 1, episode 3
33 min /

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