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The Edge

The Edge

A podcast by TAG Heuer.

What gives us our Edge? And how do we go beyond it? How thin is the line between taking part, and tipping into victory? What inspires those moments of rare advantage - down to the millimetre, down to the microsecond - that change the shape of the race? Are winners born or made? And what happens when things go wrong – or when it all goes right?

Welcome to The Edge, a podcast by TAG Heuer.

We’ll be talking to people operating at the very edge of possibility - from athletes to actors, and from artists to entrepreneurs. 

Watch out. This is the Edge.


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Season 1
The Edge #6 : Maya Gabeira
Season 1, episode 6
46 min /
The Edge #5 : Kai Lenny
Season 1, episode 5
57 min /
The Edge #4 : Félix Auger-Aliassime
Season 1, episode 4
55 min /
The Edge #3 : Tommy Fleetwood
Season 1, episode 3
42 min /
The Edge #2 : Christian Horner
Season 1, episode 2
41 min /
The Edge #1 : Patrick Dempsey
Season 1, episode 1
47 min /
Coming Soon: First Season of The Edge, by TAG Heuer
Season 1, episode 0
0 min /

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