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Tales from the Canard Islands

Tales from the Canard Islands

An Original World of Pirates and Stories

Far out in the Atlantic Ocean, where the weather is hot and the sunsets are breathtaking, there lies a small island nation called the Canard Islands, plagued by pirates and politics...


Tales from the Canard Islands is a podcast set in a fictional, original island nation of pirates. There's swordfighting, betrayal, romance, and just a hint of mystery to tie in the complex relationships and compelling plotlines. With fast paced action, interesting characters, and plundering pirates, Tales from the Canard Islands is entertaining and full of treasure just waiting to be discovered.


Writer/ Directors: Jillian Bevilacqua, Piper Ruth, and Nino Bonura

Cast: Brennan O'Reilly, Olivia Winkler, Kendahl Cooper, Kayla Dixon, Cassidy Spring, Hannah Swinton, Olivia Negron, Edan Ray, Claire Lefort, Niccolo Bonura, Mackenzie Murray, Jak Ketron, Eva Daskos, and Robert Damisch

Sound Designers: Allen Linsey

Cover Art by: Ru Smith

Season 1
John: Stories and Spirits
Season 1, episode 1
/ 18 min

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