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The Adventure Nurse Podcast

Where healthcare providers gather for inspiration on adventures and self compassion.

The Adventure Nurse Podcast brings listeners compelling interviews of nurses and other healthcare providers like paramedics, respiratory therapists, physician assistants and nurse practitioners doing adventurous things both on and off the job. Through narrative storytelling, we inform other healthcare providers or those interested in the field about these exciting opportunities and inspire and empower listeners to follow their dreams. A core topic woven through all episodes will be to explore strategies for healthcare providers and responders to cultivate self compassion and to mitigate burnout with special guests including mental health professionals and others leading the way to keep those of us saving lives healthy and able to continue in the profession. At a time when nurses, first responders, and other healthcare providers are leaving the profession in record numbers, or they themselves are becoming unhealthy, burnt out, or at risk of suicide, it’s time to talk about this openly as a sign of strength and self-compassion, and not of weakness or shame. 

The Adventure Nurse Podcast doesn't have any published episode yet.

Come back soon for its first show! 🎙

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