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The Alex Barnea Podcast

The Alex Barnea Podcast

Personal growth and evolvement through self-realization and self-reflection.

Take a self-realization journey with me through my own personal experience in personal growth, evolvement, and self-reflection. This is the start of our journey, who knows where it will end.

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Forgiveness - #11
The power of forgiveness and why you should integrate forgiveness in your life.
22 min /
Simplicity Ft. Bill Donato - #10
The benefits of keeping things simple and living a simplicity centered life.
28 min /
Fear - #9
Fear and why we should not let it stop us.
18 min /
Words - #8
The power of the words you use.
19 min /
Programming - #7
How we are always being programmed by the world around us.
20 min /
Gratitude #6
The importance of being in a state of gratitude.
17 min /
Beliefs - #5
Are your beliefs true? Where do your beliefs come from?
24 min /
Feelings - #4
The power of feelings/emotions on the wellbeings of others and outselves.
25 min /
Thoughts - #3
What are thoughts and how to deal with the ones you do not want!
19 min /
Self-talk - #2
The importance of self-talk and how it can change your life.
24 min /
Awareness - #1
Levels of awareness
26 min /

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