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The Biden Years

The Biden Years

Simplifying Politics. Reflecting back on the week. Having a Laugh.

With a new President in office, things are about the change. 

We know a lot more people have become interested in politics over the last few months and we want to help you understand it a little better, as well as take a break and look back on the week.

From Joe Biden, and Donald Trump, all the way to the Supreme Court, and the Postal Service, there is so many things to wrap your head around being blared out from news stations and it can get a little confusing sometimes, lets keep it simple so you can understand what's going on.

Join us each week as we chat with our guests about everything going on in the world of politics, and answer your questions as best we can. Our guests come from a variety of different backgrounds including political, education, and comedy so no matter who we have on will be here to inform you and entertain you, as well as providing viewpoints you may not have heard of yet.

More information about the podcast, as well as how you can get involved is available on our website - bidenyears.show

 Our guests have the ability to express opinions. These are their own and are not the viewpoints of the production or their production team. Our full editorial policy can be found on our website.


Politics, Comedy, a Good Laugh (TRAILER)
The Biden Years Podcast launches this January wherever you get your Podcasts
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