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The Biz Essentials

The Biz Essentials

BE Productive, BE Successful, Be Joyful & Be Yourself - Keep the Spark

Learn how to BE productive, BE successful, BE joyful & more importantly BE yourself. BE inspired to find your passion. BE empowered to be to take action. Tune in to learn how to turn your dreams into successful passion projects.


Veronika Childs

Motivational Speaker & Professional Problem Solver

Veronika is a well-versed and multifaceted inspirational speaker. Through her personal blog Life, Love, Laughter, she encourages her followers to get out of their comfort zone and transform their lives.

Veronika experienced a significant amount of childhood trauma and spent most of her life living on the side lines. After losing 170 lbs and receiving a cancer diagnosis Veronika transformed herself. She went from merely surviving to thriving. Even though it was a false diagnosis Veronika found her passion as content creator and professional problem solver and a platform to share her story.

Veronika is a Content Creator, Professional Problem Solver and a Productivity Specialist.  She is passionate about helping her clients convey their digital message.  Helping her clients create and streamline their marketing, YouTube, website and social media strategies to present a cohesive online presence; Organizing operations to increase productivity; and creating a comprehensive customer relationship management system which automates much of the process from lead capture to client. As a Professional Problem Solver she is resourceful and creative in finding solutions that will fit a variety of budgets.

Veronika also co-authored the book The Productive Parent which gives parents tips and strategies on how to streamline their lives and their homes.

 Through her podcast, The Biz Essentials,  she combines her personal and professional lives encouraging her listeners to “Keep the Spark” and turn their dreams into successful passion projects.

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