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The Brain Werx

The Brain Werx

Life, Parkinson's Disease, and Other Problems

By RJHunt

Living with Parkinson's disease is challenging.  This podcast is for anyone affected by the disease.  Sharing information, resources and experience of learning to live with Parkinson's.

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Season 2
Making The Most Of Therapy
Season 2, episode 1
Effective Physical and Occupational Therapy
11 min /
Let's Ride!
Season 2, episode 2
Equine Assisted Activity - Therapy with Horses
14 min /
Season 1
The Unusually Useful Ukulele
Season 1, episode 5
18 min /
Season 1, episode 4
What do you do when impulse issues are a result of your Parkinson's disease medication?
16 min /
Season 1, episode 3
21 min /
Caregivers Matter!
Season 1, episode 2
Say, "I Love You!"
18 min /
Trailer Beginnings
Season 1, episode 1
A talk about who , why, and what for the new podcast and upcoming episodes.
7 min /

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