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The Business Survival Show

The Business Survival Show

The Business Survival Show brings you inspiring stories of failure & success from the Entrepreneurs that made it happen.

The Business Survival Show brings you inspiring stories of failure & success from the Entrepreneurs that made it happen. Hear how their businesses survived and those that didn't. Take away their tips, ideas, and lessons to help your business thrive. Each episode our guest will be Entrepreneurs and business owners that will tell the stories of their business, the challenges they have faced, and the strategies they used so their businesses could survive.

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Season 1
MetaCX President, Jake Sorofman talks about how it's a heck of a lot easier to be differentiated than different!
Season 1, episode 13
Starting Fast, Often and Small is how you capture lightning in a bottle
22 min /
COO of Hickory Nut Gap, Jean-Paul Lausell talks organizational shifts and scaling
Season 1, episode 12
Decentralized Intelligence, The Entrepreneurial Operating System, and Human Resources
25 min /
CEO of Crews Consulting, Eric Crews, is the Entrepreneurs "Jedi Master"
Season 1, episode 11
We talk turning college students into business owners, EOS®, and more
24 min /
"Irishman" Dave McKillen, President at Basebuild, Inc talks transparency & remote teams
Season 1, episode 10
Dave & Jesse chat about the importance of Transparency, Hiring Great People Where They Reside, and Brazilian JuJitsu
21 min /
Barre 3 Fitness Studio - Cedar Park, TX Owner/Operator, Cori Hofmann
Season 1, episode 9
Cori's Story of Opening a Fitness Studio in the middle of a pandemic
19 min /
Adam Hofmann, Founder of The Mandate, and Serial Entrepreneur
Season 1, episode 8
Listen as we discusses what goes on between your ears and the importance of experimentation
14 min /
Entrepreneur & Business Owner, J Hackett talks about embracing fear, taking action and business revival
Season 1, episode 7
Black Entrepreneur and Business Owner, J Hackett truly lives up to the Business Survival Show's mission of INSPIRATION
17 min /
Co-Founder & COO of OpenGrants.io, Cody Hanson, talks about their new grant funding platform
Season 1, episode 6
Cody talks about how the grant process is convoluted and OpenGrants is wokring to change all that.
22 min /
Peter Glenn, Co-Founder & CEO of EVlife works to make financing an electric car more accessible
Season 1, episode 5
Peter Glenn of EVlife and host, Jesse Frye talk about the challenges of startup life, pivoting, communication and using untraditional funding streams
21 min /
HR DataSolutions CEO, Jeremy Littlejohn, built a business at being terrible at something!
Season 1, episode 4
Jesse and Jeremy talks about how being terrible at hiring people resulted in Jeremy's latest venture
28 min /
Shaker CEO Chris Lucas talks breaking through the clutter of chaos
Season 1, episode 3
We talk the challenge of hiring, and the messiness it has brought in the housing industry throughout the pandemic
21 min /
Jody White, Founder of Well Creative talks imposter syndrome and social media
Season 1, episode 2
Hear about the challenge of building the courage of putting yourself on social media and the results
26 min /
Simbly CEO Josh Dorfman adapts furniture business in the mist of a pandemic
Season 1, episode 1
Josh talks about how his early days working in China influenced his current endeavor building a sustainable furniture in North Carolina
28 min /

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