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The Centrist Project

The Centrist Project

Fostering Dialog In A Radical World

The Centrist Project brings together a weekly show of the brightest minds and critical thinkers, scholars, authors, and experts. We seek to foster dialog in a rapidly changing climate of turmoil and radicalism designed to destroy civil society. We expose corruption, terrorism and weaponized narratives and their effects on politics, communities and culture. We seek to promote logic, reasoning and understanding towards safer and better functioning societies.

Polarization over Transgender Kids
Season 1, episode 1
Transgender Children Caught in the Crossfire
20 min /
Criticism & Critical Race Theory
Season 1, episode 5
How Criticism & CRT Align to Destroy A Better World
30 min /
The Communist Revolution in The United States
Season 1, episode 4
Excerpts from Trevor Loudon Article on the Marxist Revolution in the U.S. Military
17 min /
Palestine & Hamas May 2021
Season 1, episode 2
Nakba and The Third Intifada
36 min /
The Third Intifada?
Season 1, episode 3
Current Palestinian Israeli Conflict
13 min /

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