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The Climate Lens

The Climate Lens

We help you navigate climate and the global energy transition from a Calgary perspective

The Climate Lens is a podcast produced by the Calgary Climate Hub. We put the big stories of our time under the climate lens as they happen, so you know how they fit into the biggest story of our lifetimes: the climate emergency. We take it all back to local-level climate action, where you have the best shot at achieving real impact. You will have a front-row seat for what we are doing here in Calgary, right now!

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Season 1
Alberta's Energy Transition Needs a Parade (Not More Red Tape)
The global energy transition may be closer than you think - will Alberta be ready?
Season 1, episode 18
/ 29 min
Alberta's Water Wars
Population, agriculture or energy industry, who will be the first to run dry?
Season 1, episode 17
/ 30 min
Climate's Best and Worst of 2023
From wildfires to COP28 to community: The Climate Lens reflects on the past year
Season 1, episode 16
/ 30 min
Debunktion Junction: Truth, Lies & Net Zero 2035
Albertans debunk our provincial government's claims about a Net Zero by 2035 energy grid
Season 1, episode 15
/ 30 min
Sue Big Oil and the Alberta Pension Plunder
Who should pay the bill for 50 years of climate change denial, delay & disinformation?
Season 1, episode 14
/ 30 min
Clean Energy SABOTAGE and the Oil Boss Endgame
Is Alberta skating where the puck is going or are we just pulling our goalies?
Season 1, episode 13
/ 30 min
John Vaillant's 'Fire Weather' & the Moratorium on Clean Energy
Are we ready for an era of global boiling?
Season 1, episode 12
/ 34 min
Alberta Net Zero by 2050: Pathways To Nowhere?
Alberta's tar sands giants have a shiny new ad campaign with a dubious plan to keep the bitumen flowing
Season 1, episode 11
/ 36 min
Bragg Creek Bushwhack & the Imaginary Arsonists
Focus on Alberta forests with controversial logging plans for West Bragg Creek and disinformation about ongoing wildfires.
Season 1, episode 10
/ 34 min
Special Edition: The Great Climate Debate That Wasn't
Season 1, episode 9
/ 10 min
Alberta's Climate Platform and the Wildfire Vote
Climate is an issue in this election whether the major parties want to talk about it or not.
Season 1, episode 9
/ 35 min
Election 2023 and the Race to Net Zero
Alberta's energy transition is already underway, even in Calgary. Maybe especially in Calgary.
Season 1, episode 8
/ 35 min
The New Alberta Denial
Will deniers derail climate action in the next Alberta election?
Season 1, episode 7
/ 35 min
The Alberta Transition
Finally the time for Alberta's first climate election?
Season 1, episode 6
/ 29 min
Honest Actors and the Elephant In The Room
What can we learn from the conclusion of COP27 and budget week in Calgary?
Season 1, episode 5
/ 31 min
Littlest Fish In a Big Pond
Dr. Joe Vipond, COP27 and Calgary's Most Important Budget Ever
Season 1, episode 4
/ 25 min
Climate Smart Growth
If not sprawl, then what?
Season 1, episode 3
/ 32 min
Save Ricardo Ranch
Season 1, episode 2
/ 33 min
Climate vs Sprawl: Calgary on the Cusp
Season 1, episode 1
/ 27 min
The Climate Lens - Introduction
/ 0 min

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