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The Creature Collective

The Creature Collective

Cryptid stories

Welcome to The Creature Collective, where we discuss all things rarely sited. If it has a blurry photo or a campfire story we're all over it. 

Season 1
Pocket Monsters
Minisode (Sasquatch on Hulu)
Season 1, episode 4
38 min /
The Western Yeti Part 1: "That's a dick!"
cryptid stories
Season 1, episode 3
1 hr 18 min /
Ep 2: The Flatwoods Monster and  the claws in hands
cryptid stories
Season 1, episode 2
49 min /
Ep. 1: The Jersey Devil and Benjamin "Catfish" Franklin
Cryptid Stories
Season 1, episode 1
1 hr 24 min /

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