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The Disabled's Tales

The Disabled's Tales

A podcast going over all aspects of disability, with other disabled people!

During our podcast you'll hear the good, the bad and the ugly about being disabled. We'll have others on to share their experiences and if you would like to share your own or simply ask questions in regards to being disabled, send an email! No topic is taboo here as we wish to educate and let others know they are not alone in this.

Nico Meyering and Disabilities, Stats, and Communities
Nico shares with us about being an advocate while being disabled.
/ 53 min
The Host's Shunt is No More!
The pre and post op adventures of having my VP Shunt removed.
/ 50 min
The Host's Continuation with a VP Shunt
The journey so far with having a VP shunt.
/ 40 min
Sex and Sexuality Within Disability
How society views sex and sexuality in the disability community.
/ 15 min
The Wonders of Community
How communities have been helping us and how we help our own community.
/ 15 min
Unsolicited Advice and Pain Management
We talk about the difficulties of experiencing unsolicited advice from those around us as disabled women. We also delve into pain management with pain killers, and medical marijuana. Apologies for the sound quality in this, I hope you still enjoy it.
/ 14 min
Intracranial Hypertension and Post OP Changes
I discuss my journey with Intracranial Hypertension and having surgeries and how it effects the way you view your body afterwards.
/ 17 min
The Weird Quirks of Death
Here we discuss the weirdness and general emotions of death. I share a bit of my own experience with it as well as the things I had to learn for eventual demise.
/ 13 min

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