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The Get Into Skin Podcast

The Get Into Skin Podcast

An informative podcast all about skin & the Aesthetic industry, consisting of a collection of solo and interview style podcasts on a whole host of awesome topics!

Welcome to the Get Into Skin Podcast, I'm your host and skin Guru Zoe 

I've worked in the Aesthetic Industry since  I was17 and am a total skin nerd 🤓

I have worked in many aspects of the Aesthetic industry, as an Aesthetician, in training & business development for HydraFacial (a large medical facial company) and now as the owner of Authentic Aesthetics, an Aesthetic Skincare clinic in Warwickshire.

The goal at my clinic is to educate our clients so they truly understand their skin and I want to do the same for you.

We have a collection of episodes with myself and a number of interviews with a range of people, all experts in their fields discussing skin, skincare, skin diseases, skin treatments and the crazy world that is the Aesthetic Industry.

You can keep up to date with everything we are doing in the clinic and ask me as many questions as you like on my clinic Instagram.

This has been a long term goal and dream of mine so I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed making it.

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Introduction to The Get Into Skin Podcast
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Season 1
Mesoestetic with Aesthetic Trainer Katie Hassall
In this weeks episode Zoe interviews Katie Hassall, the UK Aesthetic trainer for Mesoestetic to give you all the information on this incredible cosmeceutical brand
Season 1, episode 30
43 min /
In this weeks episode Zoe talks you through an Innopen Microneedling treatment while having the procedure done
Season 1, episode 29
34 min /
Skincare on a budget
In this episode Zoe gives you advice on skin specific skincare ingredients that won't break the bank
Season 1, episode 28
40 min /
In this weeks episode Zoe talks you through the HydraTite treatment while having the procedure done
Season 1, episode 27
25 min /
Zoe try's Safyre body sculpting
In this weeks episode Zoe documents her experience having a course of 6 Safyre body sculpting stomach treatments
Season 1, episode 26
21 min /
We discuss the world leading treatment for long term pigmentation correction
Season 1, episode 25
38 min /
Growth Factors with Michelle Warburton from AQ Skin Solutions
We talk with Michelle Warburton, operations manager of AQ Skin Solutions about all things growth factors and why you need them in your skincare regime
Season 1, episode 24
46 min /
Skin Cancer with Danni Nulty
We discuss skin cancer with fellow Aesthetician and Skin Cancer survivor Danni Nulty
Season 1, episode 23
45 min /
Obagi Blue Radiance Peel - The Treatment
In this episode Zoe tells you all about The Obagi Blue Radiance peel while doing the treatment to herself
Season 1, episode 22
26 min /
Skincare fads with Maureen Hayden
We discuss popular skincare tools and decide if they're worth it or just a fad with Maureen Hayden
Season 1, episode 21
50 min /
Skincare Ingredients, understand what you're putting on your skin!
This episode will get you better acquainted with skincare ingredients
Season 1, episode 20
24 min /
Semi-Permanent Make up with Helen Taylor
We discuss semi-permanent make up with Helen Taylor
Season 1, episode 19
37 min /
How to manage female facial hair (hirsutism)
We discuss common causes of facial hair and the best treatment options to mange and remove it
Season 1, episode 18
23 min /
Skincare for men
We talk to Arthur Serini about male skincare and why it's still seen as not manly to admit to using it
Season 1, episode 17
28 min /
Skincare when you're pregnant
We discuss the do's and don'ts of skincare while you're pregnant and breastfeeding
Season 1, episode 16
20 min /
Pigmentation with Sara Cheeney
We talk to nurse Sara Cheeney about pigmentation and how to treat it
Season 1, episode 15
23 min /
The importance of getting skin ready
We discuss why cleansing, exfoliating and toning are three essential steps in your skincare regime
Season 1, episode 14
17 min /
The importance of good Skincare with Make Up
We talk make up and skincare with make up artist Suzie Gee
Season 1, episode 13
38 min /
Q & A,  your questions answered!
Zoe answers questions put to her from the Authentic Aesthetic Instagram audience
Season 1, episode 12
34 min /
What SHOULD happen at a skincare consultation
What your skincare professional should be asking you at a consultation
Season 1, episode 11
16 min /
Botox an interview with nurse Maria Phillips
We talk to prescribing nurse practitioner Maria Phillips about Botox
Season 1, episode 10
21 min /
Let's talk about acne with Erin Grier
Advice on acne and a discussion with one my beautiful clients Erin on her acne journey
Season 1, episode 9
45 min /
Treating Black Skin an interview with Maureen Hayden
An interview with Maureen Hayden on her personal and professional experience treating black skin
Season 1, episode 8
27 min /
Beauty vs Aesthetics vs Medical, what's the difference?
What is the differene between Beauty, Aesthetics & Medical
Season 1, episode 7
13 min /
Rosacea an interview with Emily Grainger-Smith
An interview with Emily Grainger-Smith on her skin journey with Rosacea
Season 1, episode 6
28 min /

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