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The Get Into Skin Podcast

The Get Into Skin Podcast

An informative podcast all about skin & the Aesthetic industry, consisting of a collection of solo and interview style podcasts on a whole host of awesome topics!

Welcome to the Get Into Skin Podcast, I'm your host and skin Guru Zoe 

I've worked in the Aesthetic Industry since  I was17 and am a total skin nerd 🤓

I have worked in many aspects of the Aesthetic industry, as an Aesthetician, in training & business development for HydraFacial (a large medical facial company) and now as the owner of Authentic Aesthetics, an Aesthetic Skincare clinic in Warwickshire.

The goal at my clinic is to educate our clients so they truly understand their skin and I want to do the same for you.

We have a collection of episodes with myself and a number of interviews with a range of people, all experts in their fields discussing skin, skincare, skin diseases, skin treatments and the crazy world that is the Aesthetic Industry.

You can keep up to date with everything we are doing in the clinic and ask me as many questions as you like on my clinic Instagram.

This has been a long term goal and dream of mine so I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed making it.

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Introduction to The Get Into Skin Podcast

My name is Zoe Myers and I am a self confessed skin addict! I have a passion for it and knew from an early age that I wanted to be an Aesthetician. I was fortunate enough to start my career at MediZen - the midlands premier Aesthetic clinic when I was 18 and received incredible training from the highly experienced staff while putting myself through a BTEC Level 4 in Aesthetics and BTEC in lasers.

During my 4 years at the clinic I had a wide variety of equipment available to treat my clients, these included; HydraFacial, medical needling, laser hair removal, laser vein removal, resurfacing lasers, radio frequency for skin tightening, electrolysis hair removal, advanced electrolysis, Miradry sweat reduction and many more.


Following on from my time in the clinic I felt like I needed a new challenge so joined the HydraFacial UK team working as a customer experience specialist. This involved helping clinics to promote HydraFacial by offering training & running events to educate their clients in skin health. At this time myself and my sister Madi, who is a nutritionist, decided that we wanted to share our knowledge with the world so we created Skin & Shit, an impartial blog giving advice on nutrition and skincare treatments available on the market.

My experience over the last 7 years with these different insights into the Aesthetic industry made me realise that what I truly love in life is treating clients and educating them in their skin health. I believe that everyone has the right to feel confident in their skin and so the concept of Authentic Aesthetics was born.

My mission is to not only perform treatments, but to also educate my clients in how their skin works so that they can have complete faith in why I have chosen that treatment for them and how it will give them the best skin of their life!

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