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The Get Into Skin Podcast

The Get Into Skin Podcast

An informative podcast all about skin & the Aesthetic industry, consisting of a collection of solo and interview style podcasts on a whole host of awesome topics!

Welcome to the Get Into Skin Podcast, I'm your host and skin Guru Zoe 

I've worked in the Aesthetic Industry since  I was17 and am a total skin nerd 🤓

I have worked in many aspects of the Aesthetic industry, as an Aesthetician, in training & business development for HydraFacial (a large medical facial company) and now as the owner of Authentic Aesthetics, an Aesthetic Skincare clinic in Warwickshire.

The goal at my clinic is to educate our clients so they truly understand their skin and I want to do the same for you.

We have a collection of episodes with myself and a number of interviews with a range of people, all experts in their fields discussing skin, skincare, skin diseases, skin treatments and the crazy world that is the Aesthetic Industry.

You can keep up to date with everything we are doing in the clinic and ask me as many questions as you like on my clinic Instagram.

This has been a long term goal and dream of mine so I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed making it.

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Introduction to The Get Into Skin Podcast
HydraFacial...everything you need to know!
Season 1, episode 3
My experience working with this incredible facial device over 9 years as a therapist, rep, trainer & clinic owner
16 min /
How nutrition affects the skin
Season 1, episode 2
An interview with registered nutritionist Madi Myers on how what we eat impacts our skin
27 min /
Skincare - Cosmetic, Cosmeceutical & Pharmaceutical, what's the difference?
Season 1, episode 1
Our very first episode giving you the information you need to cut the confusion when it comes to skincare
15 min /
Treating Black Skin an interview with Maureen Hayden
Season 1, episode 8
An interview with Maureen Hayden on her personal and professional experience treating black skin
27 min /
Let's talk about acne with Erin Grier
Season 1, episode 9
Advice on acne and a discussion with one my beautiful clients Erin on her acne journey
45 min /
26 years experience in the Aesthetic Industry - An interview with Ron Myers
Season 1, episode 4
We talk to Ron Myers about the history of the Aesthetic industry, how did it start, how has it changed and where is it going?
45 min /
Beauty vs Aesthetics vs Medical, what's the difference?
Season 1, episode 7
What is the differene between Beauty, Aesthetics & Medical
13 min /
Trailer Intro
Season 1, episode 0
Introduction to The Get Into Skin Podcast
1 min /
How to manage female facial hair (hirsutism)
Season 1, episode 18
We discuss common causes of facial hair and the best treatment options to mange and remove it
23 min /
Pigmentation with Sara Cheeney
Season 1, episode 15
We talk to nurse Sara Cheeney about pigmentation and how to treat it
23 min /

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