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The Married To Social Work Podcast

The Married To Social Work Podcast

By Married To Social Work

You have found The Married To Social Work Podcast!

My name is Clay and my wife is Meagan. We started Married To Social Work (aka M2SW) after years of working in the social work profession. We love social work principles, the value placed on all individuals and the wisdom that we have learned through practice. We are both currently working as therapists and couldn't imagine more fulfilling roles. We love to help people achieve their highest potential. 

Another thing we love about our profession is that we get to test clinical knowledge in our lives and specifically in our own relationship. The good news is we have been able to figure out so many helpful solutions to all of the problems we and others face in intimate relationships. It turns out, most of the relationship problems that people deal with have specific names and, more importantly, can be solved. We want to use this platform as a space to help others, specifically in their relationships. 

Whether Meagan and I have a conversation about a specific issue or we interview an expert on a specialized topic, we want to bring benefit to your life. A lot of our focus will be on marriage - as this is the primary relationship for most people's lives, but many problems that we will talk about can show up in all relationships throughout your life.

Thanks so much for checking us out!

Oh - and please follow us on Instagram (@MarriedToSocialWork)

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