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The NxT Podcast

The NxT Podcast

Iconic brands are made to be felt, not only to be seen.

The NxT Podcast is where successful female CEOs not only elevate their branding but also unchain it by building a whole sophisticated, wild and luxury brand universe.

If you want to know how to materialize your vision by designing exclusive and immersive brand experiences to make you stand out in an oversaturated industry, you’re in the right place. 

NxT’s founder, Amandine Steppe, shares her tips, experience and expertise to show women entrepreneurs how to turn their successful business into an iconic and timeless brand that their audience becomes obsessed with. Amandine is also joined on the show by successful female CEOs who share their own journey as the creators of high-end, world-class and highly desirable brands.

If you have a vision for your brand, The NxT Podcast will help you bring to life what you couldn’t even imagine.

So, grab yourself a coffee, turn up the sound and let’s experience REAL luxury now!

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Good news! 🤗

The next episode of The NxT Podcast, called [BRANDING] Co-Branding, De-Branding, Activist Branding will be released on April 28, 2024 at 10:30 PM.
Stay tuned!
[BRANDING] What is your brand's taste?
Sensory marketing at its finest.
Episode 27
/ 7 min
[LUXURY] 8 luxury gifts to to treat my clients
When gifting is part of your brand experience...
Episode 26
/ 9 min
[LUXURY] How to make your client feel unique?
Deep dive into your brand exclusivity!
Episode 25
/ 6 min
[BUSINESS] What my California trip taught me about business
My trip in 5 lessons!
Episode 24
/ 10 min
[BUSINESS] How to choose a REAL high end contractor
4 tips to find your perfect match...
Episode 23
/ 5 min
[BRANDING] Have you ever touched your brand?
Are you more into "silk" or "leather"?
Episode 22
/ 5 min
[LUXURY] When your vocabulary is more than words...
Details are where the power of your brand lies...
Episode 21
/ 9 min
[PHOTOSHOOT] Organizing a professional branding photoshoot
My best 11 expert tips!
Episode 20
/ 10 min
[BRANDING] When should you rebrand your company?
This is your sign!
Episode 19
/ 8 min
[BRANDING] From good to stunning
Secrets to craft a truly breathtaking brand
Episode 18
/ 10 min
[BRANDING] Is investing in merchandising still a good idea?
Do you want a mug or a pen?
Episode 17
/ 10 min
[BRANDING] Want a luxury brand ? Never tell me that!
Logo Edition
Episode 16
/ 11 min
[PHOTOSHOOT] How often?
Let's do visual storytelling!
Episode 15
/ 5 min
[BRANDING] Your language is part of your branding
Recorded with an accent made of cheese and wine!
Episode 14
/ 7 min
[BRANDING ] Logo, brand, brand identity, brand image, branding
What's the difference?
Episode 13
/ 7 min
[BRANDING] What is your brand’s fragrance?
Are you more "cherry" or more "peony"?
Episode 12
/ 5 min
[PHOTOSHOOT] How to rock your photoshoot?
When YOU are the star...
Episode 11
/ 9 min
[BRANDING] High ticket, high end, premium, luxury, Haute Couture
What's the difference?
Episode 10
/ 8 min
[BRANDING] What is your brand personality?
When your brand is more "Zendaya" than "Amy Schumer"...
Episode 9
/ 5 min
[LUXURY] Let's stop bullshit
When "luxury" offers are just pricey ones...
Episode 8
/ 10 min
[BRANDING] Why I don't use color psychology
Born in the 80's but rooted in the 20's
Episode 7
/ 6 min
[IMAGE] Why aligning your appearance to your brand
When your hairstyle can help you sign a partnership...
Episode 6
/ 9 min
[BRANDING] What is a successful brand?
I give you my answer!
Episode 5
/ 6 min
[PR] "Top 10 best entrepreneurs of 2023", “40 under 40", etc. .. YES or NO?
When Forbes, Yahoo, The NYC Journal and the Entrepreneur Herald are playing with your ego.
Episode 4
/ 7 min
[BRANDING] Are you ready for THIS?
When changing your brand implies much more than you thought...
Episode 3
/ 9 min

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