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The ParaNaughtica Podcast

The ParaNaughtica Podcast

True stories of the strange, the dark, the unexplained, the unknown....and true crime!

Here at The ParaNaughtica Podcast we will be diving into some of the most bizarre, unsolved, and intriguing stories from all around the world...and beyond...

We will discuss missing people cases, unexplained deaths, unsolved mysteries, the paranormal...essentially, we will be covering anything macabre. We seriously hope you enjoy our podcast.

You can email us at paranaughtica@gmail.com and let us know how we are doing, give us some suggestions on how we can make it better, or maybe some suggestions on stories we should research and cover. We will respond to every email who requests a response. We really hope we can bring together a great community who are just as interested in the topics we will be covering and we hope to be as interactive as possible. The podcast will evolve as we go and we promise to do our best to bring you the best content we can find and gather, for you, our amazing listeners!!!

We are trying to take what we enjoy doing and making it our mission to give to all of you out there quality content to pass your time at work, relax during the bus-ride or train-ride home from work, or to just sit back at home, do what it is you do, and enjoy the mysterious, often frightening, and unexplained cases from the around the world that we will prepare and present for you, our precious, beautiful audience! And hopefully, eventually, it will become our careers.

We truly love you all for your support and appreciation. Thank you.

You can follow us at Twitter under @paranaughtica

We also have our Facebook page at The ParaNaughtica Podcast, where you can go check out what we have going on over there.

You can also donate to The ParaNaughtica Podcast through Paypal by sending to: paypal.me/paranaughticapodcast

This allows us to be able to pay for hosting fees and other costs associated with publishing content.

And we can't thank you enough for your donations, whatever the amount you feel you can afford.

Again, our email is paranaughtica@gmail.com We sincerely look forward to hearing from you!

The ParaNaughtica Podcast doesn't have any published episode yet.

Come back soon for its first show! 🎙

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