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The Pharm Girls Podcast

The Pharm Girls Podcast

By the Nebraska Pharmacists Association

The Pharm Girls is a podcast brought to you by the Nebraska Pharmacists Association. Marcia Mueting, Pharm D., R.P., and Amy Holman will share information in each episode about all things pharmacy in Nebraska. NPA Updates, questions, fun facts, stories from VIPs (very important pharmacists), and so much more!


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This show is produced by Grindstone.

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Good news! 🤗

The next episode of The Pharm Girls Podcast, called 004 | From Daddy's Drug Store to the UNMC COP will be released on June 1, 2022 at 10:00 AM.
Stay tuned!
003 | Alphabet Soup!
Episode 3
47 min /
002 | Let's talk about techs, baby!
Episode 2
47 min /
000 | Welcome to the Pharm Girls Podcast
0 min /

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