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The Quan Coaching Podcast

The Quan Coaching Podcast

By Quinn Stillson

Medically- and athletically-sound insights into physical training, nutrition, supplements, performance psychology, and overall health and well-being, from a certified strength and conditioning specialist and soon-to-be doctor of medicine.

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Season 1
Citrulline Supplement Review: Does It Help Pump Out Extra Reps? L-Citrulline VS Citrulline Malate?
An In-Depth Look at the Updated Science Behind Citrulline Supplementation
Season 1, episode 11
20 min /
Beta Alanine Supplement Review: Who Should Take This "Tingly" Supplement?
Mechanism, Dosing, Safety, and Efficacy of Beta-Alanine
Season 1, episode 10
16 min /
Kanna Supplement Review: Cognitive Enhancer and Mood Elevator?
Should You Supplement with Sceletium Tortuosum to Reduce Anxiety & Depression and Improve Cognitive Performance?
Season 1, episode 9
15 min /
HMB Supplement Review, Benefits of Nuts, and the Necessity of Periodization
HMB to Prevent Muscle Breakdown, Nuts to Improve Longevity, and Periodization for Optimal Strength and Hypertrophy
Season 1, episode 8
37 min /
Caffeine: Acute and Chronic Benefits and Risks of the World’s Most Popular Drug
The Science Behind How Caffeine Works and Its Practical Applications for Training and Overall Health
Season 1, episode 7
1 hr 7 min /
Detachment: Letting Go of the Outcomes and Living in the Moment
The Secret Behind How Athletes Get in the Zone
Season 1, episode 6
34 min /
Intermittent Fasting: Dieting Magic or Fake News?
Does Intermittent Fasting Cause Increased Fat Loss and Decreased Disease Risk?
Season 1, episode 5
37 min /
Why and How You Should Have a Structured Warm-Up Before Every Workout
Increasing your Performance and Decreasing your Injury Risk with a Specific and Structured Warm-Up
Season 1, episode 4
35 min /
Creatine: The King of Training Supplements
Everything You Need to Know About the Best Supplement for Strength and Muscle Mass Gains.
Season 1, episode 3
52 min /
Testosterone 101
Physiology of Testosterone and Best Ways to Increase Testosterone Naturally!
Season 1, episode 2
41 min /
The Quan Philosophy: Train and Live Like an Athlete
How to Adopt Principles of Athletic Training to Improve Overall Training and Mindset!
Season 1, episode 1
28 min /

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