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The Social-Savvy Introvert

The Social-Savvy Introvert

Introvert-focused advice to grow & scale your business without doing all.the.things on social media.

Introvert-friendly marketing techniques & real-life success stories to help you grow & scale your high-ticket coaching or service-based business without doing all.the.things on social media. Create better content and forget the overwhelm of launching, hiring a huge team, or getting on high-pressured sales calls that leave you feeling drained. More powerful content is all you need to get clients reaching out to you, credit card in-hand, and ready to work with you.

Learn how to build an audience, grow your engagement, and simplify your sales process using Facebook & Instagram. No complex sales funnels or investing in tons of tech. When you're ready to scale past 6-figures, learn how to implement paid ads, podcasting, and find the perfect VA to streamline & automate your lead-generation machine. 

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23: Build Your Audience with Ease
Three strategies for building a targeted audience that wants to hear from you.
28 min /
22: The Power of Publishing with Jenny Alberti
Tell your story to make a massive impact on the world.
35 min /
21: Social Media Doesn't Have to Suck
Practical tips & mindset strategy for embracing social media as the powerful business-building tool it can be.
34 min /
Step into Your Role as Thought Leader
Show up, make a difference, get paid.
18 min /
18: Normalizing Introversion with Allison Borstad
Introversion is a personality type, not a defect.
54 min /
17: Why You're Not Consistent and What to Do About It
Being consistent is the BIGGEST struggle for many coaches. Here's how to fix it.
23 min /
16: Learn to Love the Sales Conversation
Embrace the discomfort and make them work for you.
17 min /
15: My Three Favorite Marketing Plans
When to use them, what they entail, and how to make them work for you.
22 min /
14: The Shy Girl's Guide to Networking with Melitta Campbell
Interview with Melitta Campbell on Learning How to Network as a Shy, Sensitive, or Introverted Person
42 min /
13: Make Social Media Work for You
Listener Q&A about social media and how to balance best practices with your own comfort levels.
22 min /
12: The State of Coaching, 2022
Observations on some negative aspects of business coaching
20 min /
11: High-Ticket vs. Low-Ticket Buyer
Learn the mindset and purchasing behavior of your ideal client.
0 min /
10: Follow the Data to Grow with Ease
Know what's working and what's not so you can create more of the good stuff!
24 min /
Peek into My Coaching Session with Celeste
53 min /
Captivate Your Ideal Client
Get clear on your ICA so you can captivate her in your content.
21 min /
Simplify Your Marketing with Flywheel Marketing
Increase your impact through mind-blowing content, and create the introvert-friendly coaching business of your dreams.
21 min /
Aleasha Bahr: Sales is Not a Dirty Word
Embrace your introvert superpowers and become amazing at having sales conversations that convert!
38 min /
Listener Q&A
Increase your impact through mind-blowing content, and create the introvert-friendly coaching business of your dreams.
23 min /
Get Their Attention with Scroll-Stopping Content
Stop their scroll, get their attention, and blow their minds.
22 min /
Show Up With Intention
Embrace your introvert superpowers and show up with the intention of serving your audience
14 min /
Welcome to the Social-Savvy Introvert Podcast
It is possible to build a profitable coaching business that allows you to have massive impact on the world without acting like an extrovert!
9 min /

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