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The Social-Savvy Introvert

The Social-Savvy Introvert

Introvert-focused advice to grow & scale your business without doing all.the.things on social media.

Introvert-friendly marketing techniques & real-life success stories to help you grow & scale your high-ticket coaching or service-based business without doing all.the.things on social media. Create better content and forget the overwhelm of launching, hiring a huge team, or getting on high-pressured sales calls that leave you feeling drained. More powerful content is all you need to get clients reaching out to you, credit card in-hand, and ready to work with you.

Learn how to build an audience, grow your engagement, and simplify your sales process using Facebook & Instagram. No complex sales funnels or investing in tons of tech. When you're ready to scale past 6-figures, learn how to implement paid ads, podcasting, and find the perfect VA to streamline & automate your lead-generation machine. 

Kelly VanHoveln is the social media-obsessed entrepreneur behind the Social-Savvy Introvert Podcast, and creator of the content strategy that gets clients reaching out to you so you can grow your business to consistent income without doing all the things on social.

She's a wife, a mom, a marketing coach, and a lover of kitty snuggles. When she's not researching social media trends or coaching clients on writing better content, you can find her out in her garden, hiking nature trails, or looking for the best coffee shop in Cedar Rapids.



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