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The Talk Show American

The Talk Show American

Taking A Stand With Conservative America

By J.R.

Political Conservative News and Commentary From Behind the Blue Curtain.

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Season 1
The Talk Show American 3/5/22
Russia Attacks and Takes Nuke Plant in Ukraine
Season 1, episode 153
/ 50 min
The Talk Show American 2/26/22
Russia Invades the Ukraine Right Under the Noses of NATO and the US
Season 1, episode 152
/ 50 min
The Talk Show American 2/1/22
Cancel Culture Gone Wild
Season 1, episode 151
/ 48 min
A tribute To Conservative Talk Radio Icon Rush Limbaugh
Rest in Peace Rush - Jay talks about the impact of Rush's death to the conservative talk radio c...
Season 1, episode 149
/ 14 min
The Talk Show American is Back !
Hi folks, Jay here, we are coming back soon. Stay tuned for more new episodes. In this episode ...
Season 1, episode 148
/ 18 min
The Talk Show American 11/16/2019
Bad news for the Dems. Trump rises 3.1 million on the first day of the public impeachment hearings !
/ 5 min
Talk Show America 10/22/2011
Ghadaffi is dead ! Who Cares ? Solyndra scandal, Obama admin loans Elec car Co 1/2 billion to mak...
/ 1 hr
Talk Show America 9/8/2011
Jimmy SOB Hoffa and Bidens Remarks Against The Tea Party, The MSNBC/Reagan Library Republican Deb...
/ 1 hr 1 min

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