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The WAVE, a UNESCO podcast

The WAVE, a UNESCO podcast

on African Creative industries


This platform, “The Wave”, is a podcast series that will endeavour to challenge leaders of the African and Afro-Descent cultural and creative industries about our future. The wave allegory refers to the incredible contemporary and cultural movement led by Africans and Afro-Descendants all around the world, which currently is nourishing humanity with its creativity.

Once per week, each episode welcomes a new set of experts from a creative field and invite them to discuss challenges and opportunities of their sector while sharing how they transformed their business to face covid-19.

The serie is co-produced by Unesco & MoonLook and edited by Upgrade. 

We are The WAVE
Original soundtrack of The Wave podcast
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Season 2
Le rôle des industries culturelles et créatives en Afrique
Season 2, episode 9
1 hr 17 min /
Le pouvoir des mots
Impulser le changement
Season 2, episode 8
1 hr 5 min /
La ville africaine du futur
Season 2, episode 7
1 hr 23 min /
La photographie en Afrique
À l'ère du digital
Season 2, episode 6
1 hr 15 min /
Les musées en Afrique
Les archives du patrimoine
Season 2, episode 5
1 hr 20 min /
Littérature jeunesse africaine
Un nouveau récit africain pour les plus jeunes
Season 2, episode 4
1 hr 32 min /
Design & Métiers d'art africains
Enjeux d'avenir pour le continent africain
Season 2, episode 3
1 hr 27 min /
Les cheveux africains
De l'identité à l'acceptation de soi
Season 2, episode 2
1 hr 35 min /
African Animations films
Building an ecosystem
Season 2, episode 1
1 hr 29 min /
Season 1
African Gastronomy
from African cuisine to Gastronomy
Season 1, episode 7
54 min /
Alternative Music
Alternative or Mainstream : Pathways to success in the African music industry
Season 1, episode 6
1 hr 9 min /
Pop Culture
What is coming Next ?
Season 1, episode 5
1 hr 24 min /
The story of Africa told by Africans
Season 1, episode 4
1 hr 30 min /
African Textiles
An engine for job creation and income generator.
Season 1, episode 3
1 hr 27 min /
La mode en Afrique
Identité plurielle et chaîne de valeur
Season 1, episode 2
1 hr 11 min /
African contemporary art
Strengthening the African market to leverage value
Season 1, episode 1
1 hr 12 min /
The Wave is here
How a new generation is transforming a continent in all creative fields
Season 1, episode 0
1 hr 2 min /
We are The WAVE
Trailer We are The WAVE
Original soundtrack of The Wave podcast
Season 1, episode 0
1 min /

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