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The Weekly 'Snap'

The Weekly 'Snap'

Providing you with reviews, breakdowns, and predictions on all things strictly MARVEL

United by our unyielding Marvel fandom, we (Ryan and Matt) are college buds here to bridge the gap between casual MCU fans and fervent comic book nerds. Every week we will bring new, exciting, captivating, and mildly concerning content related to ongoing and upcoming MCU projects. Separately, we are filing to make ‘Feigeism’ an officially recognized religion of the world led of course by our lord, savior, and hunk daddy Kevin Feige. Watch two adult males fret, cry, and/or laugh at other adults in tights. We’d love to hear from you so please engage on social media and Youtube! 

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Season 1
Moon Knight Ep. 4 and Thor Trailer Breakdown and Predictions
A Breakdown of Moon Knight Episode 4 and Thor: Love And Thunder Trailer
Season 1, episode 7
/ 54 min
Moon Knight Ep. 3, Dr. Strange Promos, but where is Thor??
A Breakdown of Moon Knight and Dr. Strange, but where is Thor??
Season 1, episode 6
/ 1 hr 19 min
Season 1, episode 5
/ 42 min
Diving into the characters from the Dr. Strange Trailer we believe will be in the Illuminati
Season 1, episode 4
/ 23 min
Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness - CHARACTER BREAKDOWN!!
Exactly who tf will be in this film??
Season 1, episode 3
/ 31 min
SPIDER-MAN NO WAY HOME - Spoiler Review and More
Season 1, episode 2
/ 41 min
BREAKING INTO THE MCU - Not Quite Doctors But Definitely Strange
Season 1, episode 1
/ 15 min

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