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The Longest Turn Board Gaming Podcast

The Longest Turn Board Gaming Podcast

A board game podcast

The Longest Turn is a podcast about table top board games. We're just a group of friends who love games and enjoy talking about the hobby we love! For each episode, we generally discuss the games we've been playing lately. We'll also focus each episode on a board gaming discussion, an in depth feature review of a game, or a top 5/10 list. We'll also include a variety of other segments discussing all aspects of gaming. We hope you join us!  

Episode 47: Essen Top 5 Preview
A preview of games we're each excited about from Essen 2023!
/ 2 hr 27 min
Episode 10: Top 5 Cooperative Games
We discuss what we've been playing lately and our top 5 cooperative games
/ 1 hr 31 min
Episode 32: Stranded on a Desert Island-Games
Games we've been playing lately and a draft of games we'd each want to be stranded on an island with given certain categories.
/ 1 hr 40 min
Episode 28: Top 30 Countdown, Part III (10-1)
Part III of III of our top 30 games of all time, the final countdown!
/ 2 hr 15 min
Episode 16: Spiel des Jahres Predictions and Top 5 Winners & Nominees
We discuss the 2022 Spiel and Kennerspiel des Jahres nominees and make our predictions on who will win. We also discuss our top 5 Spiel award related games of all time.
/ 2 hr 3 min
Episode 53: Top 5 Shelf of Shame (2024)
We discuss the games we most want to get off our shelves of shame in 2024!
/ 2 hr 2 min
Episode 12: Top 5 BGG 100 Games We Want to Play
We discuss what we've been playing lately and the top 5 games from the BGG 100 we want to play
/ 2 hr 13 min
Episode 27: Top 30 Countdown, Part II (20-11)
Part II of III of our top 30 games of all time
/ 2 hr 21 min
Episode 52: Top 5 New To Us Games (2023)
We discuss our favorite new to us games we played in 2023!
/ 2 hr 12 min
Episode 26: Top 30 Countdown, Part I (30-21)
Part I of III of our top 30 games of all time.
/ 1 hr 52 min

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