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This Mom Knows

This Mom Knows

Connecting moms and sharing together all the things we know.

Moms know a lot of things, and when we start talking, ideas form, energy builds, and we take action. This Mom Knows is a place for moms to share their stories and experiences, and even their favorite gadget they just can't live without. From growing herbs in your kitchen to navigating a hard marriage, it's all on the table.  So, grab a cup of coffee, maybe a paper and pencil to jot down an idea or two, and let's discover what this mom knows.

Who is this mom and what does she know?
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Carola Moon on Personal Branding Photos
Carola Moon is a mompreneur who knows all about personal brand photos. Listen in as she shares why you need them and how to use them, as well as how she integrates being mom and entrepreneur.
33 min /
Meg Calton on Taking Photos for Moms
Meg Calton is a mom photographer who loves to teach other moms how to use their cameras to take photos of their kids.
36 min /
Jenn Uren on 7 Things Raising Pigs Taught Me About Being a Mompreneur
Jenn Uren of ThisMomKnows.com shares the experience she and her family had raising pigs and chickens and what that taught her about being a mompreneur
15 min /
Kerri Ward on Hobby Farming
Kerri Ward is a homeschool mom who shares how she and her family have integrated hobby farming, and how you can, too!
32 min /
Maria Graber on Raising Chickens
Maria Graber talks about homesteading and specifically raising chickens. She even shares her favorite chicken gadget!
37 min /
Jenn Uren on Making Life Easier
Jenn Uren shares how the right sytems and routines can give freedom to do more and make life easier
17 min /
Rachel Fahrenbach on Rest
Rachel Fahrenbach shares how she learned to embrace her own uniqueness, and how it was through the most unlikely practice -- learning to rest -- where this happened.
39 min /
Amanda B Glass on What Dad's Are Made For
Amanda B Glass, author of "That's What Dad Are Made For" talks about the father-child relationship, what inspired this book, and how it can be used to open new conversations.
36 min /
Jamie Becker on Advocacy
Jamie Becker advocates for advocacy, especially when it comes to kids with trauma or special needs, often in foster care or adoption.
49 min /
Jodi Nevins on Fear of a School Shooting
Jodi Nevins, has lived through every moms worst fear -- a shooting in your kids school. She shares about the experience and how it has brought their family closer.
38 min /
Jenn Uren on Being a Creative
Jenn Uren talks about discovering creativity and 5 things every creative does.
11 min /
Celine McLaughlin on RV Living
Celine McLaughlin is living the dream and tells us how she and her family made the transition from the 9-5 to life on the road, homeschooling their boys, and exploring the US and Canada.
32 min /
Melissa Forman on Creative Cakes
Melissa Forman, Chicago radio personality, shares how decorating cupcakes with her girls turned into a mission to spread joy through giving away uniquely designed cakes.
36 min /
Jenn Uren on Rhythms and Routines
Jenn Uren shares 5 routines to anchor your life and make it easier to handle the unexpected surprises that you know life will throw at you.
15 min /
Michelle Rayburn on In-Laws
In-law relationships can be difficult and full of conflict. But they don't have to be. Michelle Rayburn shares how to be more intentional with in-laws.
40 min /
Pam Stevenson on Hand-Lettering
Hand-lettering as a hobby, craft, and business
31 min /
Annie Tan-Cohen on Fitness and Nutrition
Fitness and nutrition is about more than the body
38 min /
Jenn Uren on When I Heard God's Voice
Listening to the gut instinct that may be God's voice
17 min /
Mary Eckard on Hearing God's Voice
Learning to listen to God's direction for the next right thing in your life
28 min /
Diedra McGeever on Finding Her Voice
After literally losing her voice, Diedra shares her journey of finding it again
29 min /
Jenn Uren on Connection
Connected Parenting and healing trauma
12 min /
Elisabeth Klein on Hard Marriage
When is it ok for a Christian to leave a hard marriage? Elisabeth Klein shares her story and how she helps women facing this decision.
31 min /
Ashley Boulais on Life as a Pastor's Wife
Ashley Boulais candidly shares about life as a pastor's wife
33 min /
Jenn Uren on Adoption & Trauma
Jenn Uren shares the story of her families surprise adoption and how they learned about trauma
17 min /
Crystal Paine on Love-Centered Parenting
Crystal Paine talks about her book, Love-Centered Parenting
36 min /

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