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This Mom Knows

This Mom Knows

Connecting moms and sharing together all the things we know.

Moms know a lot of things, and when we start talking, ideas form, energy builds, and we take action. This Mom Knows is a place for moms to share their stories and experiences, and even their favorite gadget they just can't live without. From growing herbs in your kitchen to navigating a hard marriage, it's all on the table.  So, grab a cup of coffee, maybe a paper and pencil to jot down an idea or two, and let's discover what this mom knows.

Who is this mom and what does she know?
Trailer for This Mom Knows
Who is this mom and what does she know?
Trailer for This Mom Knows
2 min /
Jenn Uren: Overwhelm
Jenn Uren talks about her journey into overwhelm and what she did to dig out and conquer it.
13 min /
Meg Glesener on Sibling Rivalry
Meg Glesener shares about ways she fostered positive relationship among her 8 kids.
30 min /
Amber Cullum: Depression
Amber shares her journey with postpartum depression
29 min /
Jenn Uren on Adoption & Trauma
Jenn Uren shares the story of her families surprise adoption and how they learned about trauma
17 min /
Crystal Paine on Love-Centered Parenting
Crystal Paine talks about her book, Love-Centered Parenting
36 min /
Michele Holmes: Homeschooling
Michele Holmes talks about homeschooling and how to get started
35 min /
Elisabeth Klein on Hard Marriage
When is it ok for a Christian to leave a hard marriage? Elisabeth Klein shares her story and how she helps women facing this decision.
31 min /
Jenn Uren on Connection
Connected Parenting and healing trauma
12 min /
Diedra McGeever on Finding Her Voice
After literally losing her voice, Diedra shares her journey of finding it again
29 min /

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