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Three Puffs on a Pod

Three Puffs on a Pod

Three brothers discuss entertainment and the trials of life

Despite half a country between them, three brothers, Nick, Tim, and Mike, get together and discuss video games, anime, television, current events, and their own daily lives and the weird things that happen to them.

Season 1
Eat your Weedies
Don't listen to this one, mom!
Season 1, episode 4
1 hr 3 min /
F**k Scalpers (and their moms too, apparently)
Everyone complains about scalping. Mike gets kicked.
Season 1, episode 3
52 min /
You guys know Samus is a girl, right...?
The brothers discuss E3, factions, and a local explosion
Season 1, episode 2
59 min /
The Pilot
The brothers discuss driving, guilt and authority, and movie-going
Season 1, episode 1
1 hr 4 min /

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