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Thrive by Embracing Difference

Thrive by Embracing Difference

This podcast series answers all sorts of deep questions that we face daily in our workplaces and asks us to reflect on how we can best embrace our differences and harness them for better performance.

By Evrard

Why might you want to go into an argument seeking and hoping for a fact that will prove you wrong? What should you do when a job interviewer makes assumptions about you based on your gender or background? How are organizations consistently overlooking most main leadership skill areas when picking their management and other top talent? 

This podcast series answers all sorts of deep questions that we face daily in our workplaces and asks us to reflect on how we can best embrace our differences and harness them for better performance. We'll see how to keep our workplaces safe from bullying and harassment, how to be more aware of our unconscious biases, and what dialectical thinking offers in solving problems. 

The podcast series comes from experts in the fields of leadership, critical thinking, mental health, and more, including Avivah Wittenberg-Cox, Donna Butler, Tom Chatfield, Dave Mitchell, Marshall Goldsmith, and Dorie Clark. 

The podcasts are short-form (generally 2-5 minutes) and offer actionable techniques for improving our performance and work environments as well as the stories of those who have applied them successfully. 

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Season 1
Decision-makers: When to let others do the talking
Why a good decision-maker is someone who knows when to take a back seat and listen to what others have to say
Season 1, episode 31
3 min /
New leaders are not power-hungry
Why a desire for power is no longer necessarily a decisive criterion
Season 1, episode 30
3 min /
Parental leave: beware of stereotypes!
Why prejudice about parental leave is completely inappropriate in today's business environment
Season 1, episode 29
3 min /
Rethinking your innovation strategy
Favour innovations that improve human relationships and the lives of our clients
Season 1, episode 28
3 min /
Risk management: A question of hormones?
How women have a different approach from men when it comes to risk
Season 1, episode 27
3 min /
Use both your brains!
Why the leaders of today are those who can use both their brains
Season 1, episode 26
3 min /
From performance-oriented marketing to utopian marketing
Why utopia-oriented marketing strategies are more efficient than performance-oriented marketing
Season 1, episode 25
2 min /
Leaders of today, seek general agreement!
Start implementing advancement policies based on the judgment of peers
Season 1, episode 24
2 min /
Make attractive job offers
How to ensure we attract both male and female leaders
Season 1, episode 23
3 min /
A leading product is a product designed for women
How companies can succeed by developing products designed to appeal to both women and men
Season 1, episode 22
2 min /
The leaders of tomorrow are not the "heroes" of yesterday
Study shows that women outperform men on 7 out of 10 leadership skills
Season 1, episode 21
3 min /
The myth of the "glass ceiling"
Is there such thing as a "glass ceiling"?
Season 1, episode 20
2 min /
Promoting women: A specific skill
How to promote women and to support them as they take on new responsibilities
Season 1, episode 19
3 min /
Female leadership
The benefits of promoting a female style of leadership
Season 1, episode 18
2 min /
Don't neglect 50% of the market
How to anticipate all the customers'needs
Season 1, episode 17
3 min /
How to address women in order to attract all possible assets
How assuming a more feminine line of recruitment communication can attract many female and even male assets
Season 1, episode 16
2 min /
Overcoming gender challenges in the workplace
The two challenges facing women in the workplace
Season 1, episode 15
3 min /
Dealing with sexual harassment
Strategies managers should use to deal with sexual harassment or prevent it from occurring in the first place
Season 1, episode 14
4 min /
Dealing with bullies in positions of authority
How to protect yourself if being bullied or intimidated in the work place
Season 1, episode 13
3 min /
Fight bullying
The importance of values and exemplary behaviour
Season 1, episode 12
2 min /
Sexual assault at work: Seek help!
What can you do to seek help if you've been harassed
Season 1, episode 11
5 min /
Addressing bullying in your team
How to adress bullying in your team
Season 1, episode 10
5 min /
Diversity is about access to opportunity
Season 1, episode 9
3 min /
Using dialectical thinking in conflict resolution
Discover 3 ways to approach conflict resolution
Season 1, episode 8
4 min /
Practice the principle of charity
How to understand other's point of view in order to reach the best solution
Season 1, episode 7
4 min /

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