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Trapped True Story. The Coach You Know ! I am a Fitness Nerd. My Story & Your Story .

I’m so excited that you’re joining us for the TRAPPED TRUE STORY: With The Coach You Know Podcasting , I am just a Fitness nerd . You have Time ?  I love a good Conversation about anything . I totally believe there is never a stupid question or worthless conversation . Its just my opinion .  Life is an adventure with so many dimensions . Which makes it so intriguing , sometimes gut wrenching  . Which ever way its a worth while venture 🥂 

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Choose to live in integrity by clarifying your values and beliefs
Knowing how important Integrity is to understanding and mapping self for your purpose and contentment
Episode 15
55 min /
Healthy Body Kick Start Mobility and Flexibility Challenge
4 min /
Habit-Based Eating- How To Master Techniques to Hack a Real Simple  Eating Plan
Habit-Based Eating- How To Master Techniques to Hack a Real Simple  Eating Plan
Episode 6
13 min /
Trapped True Story ! Grab Your High Heels , Lets Get Fit
What is your take, we are all trapped in our own world of perceive truth some how.lol is another frenzy Fitness workouts gimmick  in High Heels .  Watch the space . I am not kidding its happening 
Episode 5
19 min /
Image Syndrome and Body Shamming Causing Health Problems ?
 Yep Who would even Pick Me Up a Line and Say  I was body Shammed . Yes I was Never Over weight. I  am on the other side. This stigma about the prefect Body Image is insane and real .
Episode 4
43 min /
Season 1
Deep Dive Into Muscle Obsession and Obsessives  Hate For Fat
  Deep Dive Into Muscle Obsession and Obsessives  Hate For Fat Lets dive deeper which side are you on ? 
Season 1, episode 3
55 min /
A Girl Need Help Figuring This out
Just Launched My Pods So If yo can Help me Figure this out . Your comments and advice are really appreciated. Sharing is caring , that will certainly help me grow .  I do appreciate you  
Episode 2
7 min /
Trapped True Story Live Show
Hi.  Just Launching My channel .   Its My Story or You Story . In sharing we will  gain understanding and greater knowledge for a better life   
Episode 1
8 min /

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