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Trust The Process

Trust The Process

We dive deep & share the thought process & emotions behind the moments & stories that make us who we are.

Trust The Process was created to encourage and inspire vulnerability, depth, and honesty within ourselves. When we practice these elements for ourselves, it's possible to then bring them into the places we communicate with others.

Having the ability to do that, creates stronger communication channels which then lead to more transparency, more effective problem-solving, a better ability to empathize and much needed innovation.

These elements can transpire true personal freedom and global change.


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Season 1
EP #6 Being In A Toxic/ Abusive Relationship, Finding New Love, My Passion For Music, Being In College For 5 Years And My Anxiety W/ Monica Som
Season 1, episode 6
Monica talks about being in an abusive and toxic relationship. She talks about being in community college for 5 years. She talks about...
2 hr 4 min /
EP #5 Spirituality, Meditation, Dance, Parkour, Jealousy, Ego, Attachment, Vulnerability & Aliens W/ Tony Geronimo
Season 1, episode 5
Tony takes us through his journey with dance, parkour, spirituality, science, meditation, & chakras. He shares a story with us...
2 hr 2 min /
EP #4 Losing My Best Friend, How Dance Helped Me, Going Against The Grain & Wanting To Help Others W/ Henrique Favotto
Season 1, episode 4
This podcast was recorded on 4.18.18 Henrique Favotto talks about his dance journey. He talks about losing his...
53 min /
EP #3 Dance Journey & Getting Shot W/ Jaime Rodriguez
Season 1, episode 3
Jaime Rodriguez talks about how we met and his dance journey. He talks about his experience being shot & appreciating the people in...
1 hr 1 min /
EP #2 Polyamory & Dance W/ Justin Sokun
Season 1, episode 2
Justin Sokun talks briefly about his dance origin story. He then talks about his experience with Polyamory. He faced a lot of hardship...
1 hr 9 min /
EP #1 Dance, Relationships, Emotions, & Gratitude W/ Andeth Vann
Season 1, episode 1
Andeth talks about her relationship with dance and all that it's done for her. She talks about her relationship and view on Vattana...
2 hr 6 min /
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