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Two angry NIGGERS

Two angry NIGGERS

Carlo and Steve are two Caribbean men living in the UK, sharing their stories, their life experiences and their frustrations about the world.

Carlo-Roberto Colombo is from a French Caribbean island, Steve.... is from Jamaica! Together, they make a great comedy association that allow them to talk about everything they turn their attention to in a very facetious way. Being black in today's world, is not an easy task, with brothers (or sisters) being targeted just because they don't fit a certain profile or simply because they are in the wrong place at the wrong time. Carlo and Steve are very appreciative of their luck for living in a multi-cutural society that allows them to share their views without being threatening to be sent to the "gulag"!!

Listen to their journey and have fun with them!


Carlo and Steve talks about black womanizing and gay vibes
Why are black men more into women than whites? How do we know when we are sending out "gay signals"?
41 min /
Carlo and Steve talks about black racism within our community
Can the white supremacists be called activist as well?
39 min /
Carlo and Steve are here!!
Carlo and Steve are introducing themselves to podcasting
29 min /
Carlo and Steve talks Brexit, immigration and their podcast title!
Why did they choose this name for the podcast? And who voted for Brexit?
28 min /
Carlo and Steve talks "black attitude" and Thailand’s hookers
Steve is obsessed with his looks and Carlo had a weird encounter in Phuket
30 min /

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