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UnCut Juels

UnCut Juels

Real and UnCut

UNCUT JUELS is an Artist Community where we share a more intimate, unvarnished and raw look at what musicians and their creator teams have been getting into. We are advocates for new music and exist to fulfill the mission of music discovery by bringing you intimate access to our world of musicians, producers and directors in the hopes that you find inspiration from their journeys - and maybe even our own.

Uncut Juels features some of my favorite musicians and the great work of their lives- releasing music and changing the world one song at a time. I’m your host Kristin Juel and I’m excited to share my crazy world with you! So come on in - let’s get to it!

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UnCut Juels Presents: The Gold Souls & Jayson Angrove
The Making of 'Got It'
29 min /
UnCut Juels Presents: Sam Morrow
Friends Of Juel Concepts
35 min /
UnCut Juels Presents: The Gold Souls
Where The Music Is Made
19 min /
UnCut Juels Presents: Hamish Anderson - 'Out Of My Head' Feat. Erik Shute
Behind The Music Video
24 min /
UnCut Juels Presents: Shelly Peiken & Hamish Anderson
Behind The Song
22 min /
Welcome to UnCut Juels!
Real and UnCut
3 min /

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