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Unschooled Theology

Unschooled Theology

A Christian theological perspective that seeks to understand how the eternal wisdom of God can be best applied in a modern context.

Your hosts, Derick and Evan, are here to try and extract wisdom from the Bible in ways we might find applicable to the world we find ourselves living in. Their approach is not conventional and not weighed down by any particular set of orthodoxy. They consider their lack of formal training in the subject to be a tremendous asset because it allows them to consider issues without allegiance to any particular set of presuppositions. They come at the subject with an approach not schooled in any particular bias or set of assumptions. This isn’t a ‘back-to-the-basics” kind of show, but rather one that considers just what those ‘basics’ really should be. So if you’ve found that traditional explorations of the Bible seem to be not quite getting the whole picture, this might be the show for you.

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Episode 95 - Genesis 4:3-5 “Offerings”
/ 6 min
What is Sin?
/ 13 min
Episode 86 - Man and Woman
/ 48 min
Episode 74 - Genesis 3:7 “A Covering”
/ 36 min

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