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Difficult conversations can be just that – difficult. Sometimes we are timid or don’t know the word/phrasing to use to convey the thoughts we have. Sometimes those thoughts break our brains a little bit and we may falter to explain what we are thinking – those concepts are in our brains but they haven’t found their way out yet and we are at a loss of words trying to explain these thoughts floating in our heads to others. We really do ourselves a disservice when we fail to engage in these conversations – no matter how difficult or uncomfortable they may be at times. We are three friends who have had these conversations over the years, and while we are serious and dedicated to these conversations we like to have fun during these conversations as well. Join us as we have these conversations - and even if we take positions that you don't agree with - engage with us (respectfully) and use your words.

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Season 2
Thanksgiving 2020
Season 2, episode 0
It may not seem it (with how dire the news is everyday) but we have a lot to be thankful for in America - even in the year 2020.  As we approach Thanksgiving day - Paul and Aaron reflect on what it means to be thankful in this time and age and...
By Paul and Aaron / 1 hr 8 min /
S.A.D. - a personal conversation
Season 2, episode 0
S.A.D. is a disease which impacts millions of people each and every year. This week on the Podcast we talk about how S.A.D. has impacted each of us on the podcast - and get a little personal during this conversation.
By Paul and Aaron / 1 hr 15 min /
Josh wanted to talk about the supreme court
Season 2, episode 0
Josh wanted to talk about the supreme court and the confirmation of ACB to the supreme court while Trump was campaigning for a second term.  The question boils down to - is this legal, is this something that has happened before, is this something...
1 hr 10 min /
Who do you put your hope in?
Season 2, episode 0
I am seeing something disturbing in Christian culture - people who claim to put their faith in Jesus are instead putting their hope in politicians (this trend is on both sides of the aisle) - and this is dangerous beyond degree.
By Paul / 8 min /
Pre-Election Special
Season 2, episode 0
While we just said goodbye to Josh a mere month ago - he just couldn't help himself when the siren call of politics came a calling.  So this Monday before election day we are presenting the full conversation that we had regarding politics and the...
1 hr 37 min /
Accountability In The Year Of 2020
Season 2, episode 0
Paul and Aaron discuss accountability and what this looks like - both from a theoretical and practical view.  We hit on a few themes but one of the things that stuck out is that accountability is a two way process - and it is impossible to do it...
By Paul and Aaron / 59 min /
Halloween 2020
Season 2, episode 0
Join Paul and Aaron this year as they remember various family traditions surrounding Halloween.  Since Covid is still a thing - this year's Halloween is going to be different but it is good for the soul to remember what has happened in the past...
By Paul and Aaron / 42 min /
Social Media Censoring Legitimate News
Season 2, episode 0
This past week has shown a disturbing trend with social media and the amount of control it has over what news is and isn't allowed to be posted/shared - even from reputable news sites. This sets a bad precedent - and these sites need to be held...
By Paul / 16 min /
Can you be christian and vote for X?
Season 2, episode 0
Early voting is going on in the United States even as we speak, and election day is coming up soon.  We (Aaron and Paul) have seen a lot of discussion online and in person of people saying "Well if you vote for X you can no longer call yourself...
By Aaron, Paul / 51 min /
Welcome To Season 2!
Season 2, episode 0
Welcome to season 2 of Use Your Words.  In this episode Paul and Aaron talk about what they are looking forward to as Use Your Words enters a new era.  We talk about our hopes, and what we want to see change, as well as a few structural...
By Paul and Aaron / 34 min /
Bible Belt - Episode 1
Season 2, episode 0
Welcome to Episode 1 of Bible Belt. This will be a semi-regular thing for Use Your Words where Aaron and Paul relax, have a drink, and talk about the spiritual journeys they both are on.  In this episode Aaron wanted to share his own story of his...
By Aaron, Paul / 1 hr 7 min /
Season 1
Adios Josh - May You Enjoy The Triplets
Season 1, episode 0
Today we are both sad and happy to announce that our very own Josh is leaving the podcast. We are sad because we do - even though we may tease him - enjoy having him on the show with us. But we are also happy to see him take his first steps in his new...
53 min /
September 2020 Spiritual Episode
Season 1, episode 0
There really is no title for today's episode.  Once a month we try to go down the more spiritual route with our conversations and that was this week's conversation.  Originally we were going to talk about a multitude of things, but in the...
1 hr 11 min /
Covid and it's impact on mental health
Season 1, episode 0
The CDC recently released a report which stated that in June of 2020 25.5% of people aged 18-24 SERIOUSLY considered suicide.  That is an alarming statistic - and shook Paul to his very core.  Since it is suicide awareness month - these two...
1 hr 14 min /
Culture In The Church
Season 1, episode 0
This is part two of a conversation which was started last month regarding culture changing and how we should react to it.  Last month focused mostly on culture in large - while this month focuses more on changing culture within the church - both...
1 hr 19 min /
Kenosha Wisconsin: A City In Crises
Season 1, episode 0
This week Paul is joined by Aaron as we talk about what is going on in Kenosha, Wisconsin.  Both of us live close to the town, and have been there multiple times ourselves.  We wanted to talk about what we are seeing in Kenosha as people...
1 hr 24 min /
Only trust the experts?
Season 1, episode 0
With Covid and other things going on around the world - it has been popping up on Social Media that only those who are experts in their respective field should be giving information on their respective field.  If you are not a verified expert and...
58 min /
How to deal with changing culture - Part 1
Season 1, episode 0
This week Aaron wanted to talk about how to deal with changing culture both in the world and inside the church.  Well we talked long enough about the former that we never got to the later - so stay tuned to next month to hear the continued...
1 hr 7 min /
Use Your Words - Live For Covid Relief
Season 1, episode 0
A few weeks ago we had the opportunity to be part of a fundraiser for Covid-19 support for families in the Wisconsin.  While this is a shorter episode (we had to keep it short on purpose) we felt it was appropriate to release it.
24 min /
How to handle division in the church
Season 1, episode 0
Aaron wanted to talk about division - it started out as a very generic topic but eventually we focused in on how to deal with division in the church.
56 min /
Lets talk about motivation
Season 1, episode 0
This week Aaron wanted to talk about motivation - and how does a lack of motivation compare to just getting too busy (and are they related in any way?).  This week we talk about that - and learn what Josh is shopping for.  All this and more...
54 min /
The religion of intersectionalism
Season 1, episode 0
This week Paul finally wraps up the past four weeks of Use Your Words with the overarching theme which answers the question about why people want to tear down statues, why people want to create laws which allow discrimination, why people are being...
58 min /
Intolerant Karens Are Ruining The Internet
Season 1, episode 0
I did an experiment recently on social media to see what would happen if I intentionally made a post that was contrary to the thoughts and opinions of the people in the post. The main rule for this was that the post itself could not be incendiary, and...
15 min /
California wants to role back Prop 209 - and wants to make discrimination legal
Season 1, episode 0
I have always thought California was a little odd regarding some of the crazy things coming out of that state - but I have to admit they have done a few things right throughout the years. If you remember a little while ago I did a video called "Stop...
49 min /
Self care in 2020
Season 1, episode 0
Life is hard - especially during Covid. But what can you do to help yourself and help someone else who is suffering in this time? What is self care? What can you do to make it through these stressful times? This Monday Paul talks about some techniques...
29 min /

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