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Pop Talk etc...

By Le Village Pop

Questioning the relationship of a musician to his practice and his artistic environment (... between Proust's madeleine and master-class)

Questionnements sur les rapports d'un musicien à sa pratique et son environnement artistique (... entre madeleine de Proust et master-class)

Jack Cheshire
35 min /
Terry Edwards
38 min /
Sage Francis
28 min /
Ben Vaughn
(Full-length interview)
49 min /
Ben Vaughn - 3
Part 3
15 min /
Ben Vaughn - 2
Part 2
15 min /
Ben Vaughn - 1
Part 1
17 min /
Talk Talk Talk
A podcast by Le Village Pop
Focus on a musician ... What he does, who he is ( Focus sur un musicien ... Ce qu'il fait, qui il est )

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