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We Defy Augury

We Defy Augury

Thoughts (loosely) inspired by life, literature, and popular culture.

Thoughts (loosely) inspired by life, literature, and popular culture.

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Stayin' Alive: Could You Survive the Apocalypse? Would You Want to?
Chores are a Bore
Episode 62
/ 50 min
What Is It Like to Be a Dog?
Jojo the Small Town Hound navigates the complicated history of Leesburg, systemic prejudice, reproductive autonomy, and anthropomorphism.
Episode 61
/ 27 min
Strange Winds: A Meditation on Contamination
Examining Our Fears of Infection, Infiltration, and Impurity . . . Ideological and Otherwise
Episode 60
/ 1 hr 25 min
Earworm Exorcism!
Earworms: Categorized, Analyzed, Deconstructed, and Dispelled
Episode 59
/ 1 hr 17 min
Looming Existential Dread: Robotic and Real
Of Murderbots and Menopause
Episode 58
/ 51 min
Meta-Magical Mystery Tour
The Last Whodunnit You'll Ever Read?
Episode 57
/ 35 min
There's No "I" in AI
Good Writing, Intentionality, and a Plethora of Other Shit
Episode 56
/ 53 min
Artificial Intelligence Invades High School English Class
Is AI Cheating Our Students Out of an Education?
Episode 55
/ 1 hr 7 min
Infinite Wellness
An Annoying Book Enhances a Good Book
Episode 54
/ 1 hr 1 min
Traveling Through the Dark (including an enlightening update)
Reflections on Keeping it "Real" in the Classroom
Episode 53
/ 55 min
Get Out? Or Stay In?
Merricat and Constance Will ALWAYS Live in the Castle
Episode 52
/ 46 min
Capitalism . . . 1980s Style
Capitalism Sucks (But It Sucks Less Than the Alternative)
Episode 51
/ 1 hr 2 min
Let's Talk About Celine Dion
Does Your Musical Taste Stand on Solid Ground?
Episode 50
/ 53 min
Please Stand So Close to Me
Homework Was Never Quite Like This
Episode 49
/ 27 min
Hey Sheeple! Powerful Eyes are Watching You
America + Conspiracy Theories = Forever
Episode 48
/ 57 min
Spenser, Morality, and the Jock Ethic
When You Come to a Fork in the Road . . . Take It
Episode 47
/ 51 min
Colleen Hoover and the Art of the Inner Monologue
What's Going on Inside YOUR Head?
Episode 46
/ 43 min
Slouching Towards Something
Karl Polyani vs. Friedrich Hayek: Steel Cage Match or Shotgun Marriage?
Episode 45
/ 1 hr
The 1970s . . . Characterized by Four Crime Novels
If You Can't Recall, Read a Book
Episode 44
/ 1 hr 6 min
Ringworld: Get Down with Some 70s Sci-fi
Larry Niven vs. Katie Williams (Zardoz vs. the Resurrected Lady Clones)
Episode 43
/ 49 min
1215 AD: Terrible Music But Great Charters
If That Hot Water Scalded You, You're Probably Guilty
Episode 42
/ 57 min
Boil and Bubble, The Irish Troubles
How to Learn History (Without Even Trying)
Episode 41
/ 48 min
Donna Tartt + Poisonous Snakes = Hell Yes!
The Little Friend: A Southern Gothic Tour de Force
Episode 40
/ 1 hr 17 min
Autopocalypse Now (Carmageddon Later)
Cars, What Are They Good For?
Episode 39
/ 1 hr 3 min
Eclectic New Zealand Acid Trap
Radical Gardeners vs. the Plutocracy
Episode 38
/ 45 min

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