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We Defy Augury

We Defy Augury

Thoughts (loosely) inspired by literature.

Thoughts (loosely) inspired by literature.

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Powerful Eyes are Watching You, Sheeple
America + Conspiracy Theories = Forever
Episode 48
/ 57 min
Spenser, Morality, and the Jock Ethic
When You Come to a Fork in the Road . . . Take It
Episode 47
/ 51 min
Colleen Hoover and the Art of the Inner Monologue
What's Going on Inside YOUR Head?
Episode 46
/ 43 min
Slouching Towards Something
Karl Polyani vs. Friedrich Hayek: Steel Cage Match or Shotgun Marriage?
Episode 45
/ 1 hr
The 1970s . . . Characterized by Four Crime Novels
If You Can't Recall, Read a Book
Episode 44
/ 1 hr 6 min
Ringworld: Get Down with Some 70s Sci-fi
Larry Niven vs. Katie Williams (Zardoz vs. the Resurrected Lady Clones)
Episode 43
/ 49 min
1215 AD: Terrible Music But Great Charters
If That Hot Water Scalded You, You're Probably Guilty
Episode 42
/ 57 min
Boil and Bubble, The Irish Troubles
How to Learn History (Without Even Trying)
Episode 41
/ 48 min
Donna Tartt + Poisonous Snakes = Hell Yes!
The Little Friend: A Southern Gothic Tour de Force
Episode 40
/ 1 hr 17 min
Autopocalypse Now (Carmageddon Later)
Cars, What Are They Good For?
Episode 39
/ 1 hr 3 min
Eclectic New Zealand Acid Trap
Radical Gardeners vs. the Plutocracy
Episode 38
/ 45 min
The (Murder) Mystery of Existence
Who Are You? Who Will You Be?
Episode 37
/ 34 min
Reality Loser
Belief, the Morality of Whistleblowing, and Deep State Surveillance
Episode 36
/ 44 min
The Mysteries of Your Musical Taste: Part 2
Timbre and Novelty and Existential Aesthetics
Episode 35
/ 1 hr 10 min
The Mysteries of Your Musical Taste: Part 1
Why Do You Listen to What You Listen To?
Episode 34
/ 49 min
Revolutions, Reconstructions, and a Mountain Lion
History: Sam Adams and Southward
Episode 33
/ 38 min
Life is Scarier Than Death: A Case for Realistic Fiction
It's Easier to Fight a Possessed Puppet Than To Be an Executrix
Episode 32
/ 49 min
Mark Leyner vs. The Internet
Internet 1, Mark Leyner 0
Episode 31
/ 1 hr
A Couple of Crucial Creative Concepts
You Want to Be More Compelling, Right? Critically Acclaimed? You'd Like to Captivate and Command the Crowd? Then Listen to This Shit
Episode 30
/ 29 min
William Carlos Williams vs. Wallace Stevens: Adjective Smackdown!
A Poetic Battle From the Kitchen Counter to the Edge of Space
Episode 29
/ 45 min
Tomorrow, I Will Play Video Games, Tomorrow
What Have I Missed?
Episode 28
/ 1 hr 11 min
Riley Sager, You  Give Genre Fiction a Bad Name
Lake Greene Has Plenty of Soul (But Zero Funk)
Episode 27
/ 44 min
Duck Duck Oil Sands
Kate Beaton Endures Two Years of Environmental Devastation, Existential Loneliness, and Packs of Men Behaving Badly
Episode 26
/ 26 min
Beware The Candy House
Nothing Is Free
Episode 25
/ 45 min
Stars, Caves, and Everything in Between
Cosmic Perspectives
Episode 24
/ 49 min

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