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Wholesale Hotline

Wholesale Hotline

Wholesaling Real Estate Coaching with BEST coaches in the Business!

Wholesale Hotline is the only real estate podcast where hosts Brent Daniels, Jamil Damji, and Pace Morby talk all things wholesaling, conversions of sellers, creative financing, deposition, and so much more! In each episode, they tackle real-life situations with creative solutions, break everything down into simple steps you can take immediately to boost your business, get more contracts signed, and how to do more deals! Join us, 5PM MST Mondays nights on YouTube, as we open up for calls, GET REAL, solve problems, overcome challenges, and achieve breakthroughs in their business!

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Becoming a Real Estate Jedi | Ugly Houses Big Check Live Show
Find Ugly Houses, Get Big Checks!
24 min /
Perfect Cold Call Checklist for Real Estate Wholesalers | TTP Breakout
Talk To People!
3 min /
On Market MSL Wholesale SHIFT! | Millionaire Before 30
Financial Freedom!
25 min /
Hey Pace! Can I Work With You? | Subto Breakout
Creative Finance
8 min /
Handling Angry Callers | TTP Breakout
Talk To People!
4 min /
Season 1
#123 | The way you should Wholesale in 2022!
Wholesale Real Estate with BEST Coaches!
Season 1, episode 123
1 hr 27 min /
Inflation of 2022 Conversation Jamil | Subto Breakout
Creative Finance and To the Moon!
5 min /
#122 | Wholesale Q and A!
Wholesaling with the best Coaches in the Biz! Brent Daniels, Jamil Damji, Pace Morby!
Season 1, episode 122
1 hr 13 min /
75 DAY WHOLESALE CHALLENGE | Millionaire Before 30
Financial Freedom!
25 min /
#121 | Wholesale Contracts 101
Real Estate Coaching with PB&J
Season 1, episode 121
59 min /

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