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Wisdom's Crown

Wisdom's Crown

Where the stories of seasoned women inspire you to walk in joyful obedience

A podcast featuring conversations with mature Christian women whose faith has stood the test of time.  

Do you ever wish you could have a chat with women who daily seek to imitate Christ? Are you looking for the hope and humor that naturally spring from enlightened ladies who’ve celebrated 40-plus birthdays?

The Wisdom's Crown Podcast with Sarah Rollandini features inspiring interviews and testimonies from wise women who've earned their Proverbs 4:9 crowns. Guaranteed to make you think, laugh, and take your next steps in joy-filled obedience, subscribe today wherever you get your podcasts so that you don't miss an episode!

New episodes drop the first and third Friday of every month.

Wisdom's Crown doesn't have any published episode yet.

Come back soon for its first show! 🎙

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