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  1. 1er épisode génial ! Bravo pour le contenu, l'animation et la prod ! ❤️
  2. Excellent, vous m'avez fait découvrir Aslove. Merci ! 🤗
  3. The cleverest of them would enthusiastically talk about how great that medium of the future is, while the most pessimistic would just think it is a fad. Some others might show off and explain that it is an abbreviated word combining "iPod" and "broadcast", while some others might admit they don’t know the answer and parrot back Wikipedia’s definition: “An episodic series of digital audio or video files which a user can download in order to listen to.” Finally, some might refer to their favorite radio shows replays, while others might talk about the countless "native" podcasts, i.e. audio creat

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