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  1. We welcome back the first ever 3-time, 3-time, 3-time Podcast Guest, Northeast Wrestling Referee, Chris DeAntonio. We discuss Underrated/Underused/Underutilized Wrestlers from the Hulk Hogan generation, Attitude Era, Ruthless Aggression Era and Today. Follow Northeast Wrestling: https://www.northeastwrestling.com/ Twitter - https://twitter.com/newwrestling1 Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/northeastwrestling/ Follow Chris DeAntonio: Twitter - https://twitter.com/RefChrisD Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/refchrisd/ Follow the Podcast: https://linktr.ee/6mantagpodcast
  2. On this edition of the 6-Man Tag Podcast we welcome the benefactor of a lucrative Trust Fund, Northeast Wrestling Manager Jared Silberkleit. We discuss his wrestling journey, what it's like being a manager today's era and stories from his brush-ups with some of the biggest stars in Wrestling. Follow Jared: Twitter - https://twitter.com/JaredTalksLoud Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/jaredtalksloud/ Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/JaredTalksLoud/ Follow the Podcast: Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/6mantagpodcast/ Twitter - https://twitter.com/6ManTag Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMCSyaZKTakKZIsn6uhEnGQ
  3. The one is all about wrestling entrances. The best. The Worst. We discuss everything entrances. We also answer an email and announce the much anticipated Instagram giveaway of the Edge Funko Pop figure.
  4. The boys are joined by Kevin Quinn, Senior Referee of Northeast Wrestling for some unbelievable stories from his 10+ years in the Wrestling business. We never promote this podcast as must listen, but this one is must listen. Follow Kevin: twitter.com/refquinn instagram.com/refquinn/ All our links right here: https://linktr.ee/6mantagpodcast
  5. The boys welcome back their first TWO-TIME guest, Northeast Wrestling's own Chris DeAntonio to discuss the legacy of Mid-Card Championships such as the Intercontinental Title, US Title, TNT Title, ECW TV Title and much more. Here's some links: Chris DeAntonio (@RefChrisD) / Twitter Chris DeAntonio (@refchrisd) • Instagram photos and videos 6-Man Tag Podcast (@6mantagpodcast) • Instagram photos and videos 6-Man Tag Podcast - YouTube
  6. The boys are joined by Northeast Wrestling Referee Vinnie Lawrence. He discusses his 18+ year career, the time he was caught as the ref in a shoot fight and a time where he injured a guy! Follow Vinnie: Twitter: @RefVinnieLax, Instagram: @RefereeVinnieLax and on Twitch: Twitch.tv/RefereeVinnieLax Follow the Podcast: @6ManTagPodcast on Instagram and YOUTUBE! 6-Man Tag Podcast
  7. Mike is....SOLO?? Oh god. Hop into the Delorean, we take a trip back to 1996. 8-year old Mike has just discovered himself.....watching wrestling, what did you think we meant, you SICK FREAK. Survivor Series 1996 is the first PPV he watched and join him for a WATCH ALONG of the show's main event of Shawn Michaels vs. Sycho Sid for the WWF Championship. Instagram: @6ManTagPodcast
  8. The Boys are joined by Craig Francis's old tag partner Andd Bivians to tell some stories about their time inside and outside of the ring. Sponsored by K-B Toys! Follow us on Instagram: @studio_whoa @andd_bivians @6mantagpodcast
  9. The boys have ANOTHER guest! They sit down with Northeast Wrestling Referee Chris DeAntonio to discuss his career and what exactly goes into refereeing a match and how important it is. Sponsored by Tower Records Follow Chris on Twitter and Instagram @RefChrisD Follow us on Instagram @6mantagpodcast
  10. The boys have a guest?! Dutch joins to boys FOR NEARLY 2 HOURS to discuss everything from FCW, Team Tremendous, Ring of Honor, Control Your Narrative and much, much more. Tune in for great stories, great name drops and just a good time had by all. Follow Dutch on Instagram @rohdutch Follow the Pod on Instagram @NotStupidPodcastNetwork
  11. 2 & 1/2 hours???? What the hell??? The boys and a guest are here to recap everything Wrestlemania 38 with a podcast that became almost as long as the event itself. From possible Match of the Year candidate of a Women’s Title match, Pat McAfee being over as hell, Logan Paul is good and the Jackass crew? On Wrestlemania? In 2022? All this and much, much more.
  12. The boys remember Scott Hall the best way they know how, by watching some of his matches and talking about them. Match #1: Scott Hall & Kevin Nash vs. Harlem Heat - WCW Tag Team Title Match - WCW Halloween Havoc 1996 Match #2: Razor Ramon vs. Shawn Michaels - Ladder Match for the Intercontinental Championship - Wrestlemania X
  13. It's a Battle Royale Episode!!! BRS ranked, Vanguard finally has ranked play, and a recap of the CDL Major 1.
  14. WHAT TRADES???? Dennis is here to breakdown all the NHL trade deadline action.
  15. Big Blue Balls. Is. Dead. We combine the New York Football Giants.......and the Jets to create definitely the greatest New York Football Podcast ever spoken into a microphone and played for your ears. Enjoy!

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