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  1. I will talk about how I view the things I see each day through my senses.
  2. Many of us tend to not realize the important role music has for us. In this episode I'll try to tell you how I've came to known it through many years of experiences.
  3. There are lots of problems that can be caused by being exposed to pollution. On this episode I'm gonna talk about how it can effect you and in what way.
  4. Episode 1. Where I will tell you how important your food is to your mental health and overall well being.
  5. We are back and this time we are tackling self care and talk about things that are obvious in your mental state but we don't see them. For this episode 0.5 we are going to talk about something we all see. Fashion and beauty standards.
  6. I'm going to tell you guys a little secret here. This is the end of the first season. Strap in for the second season.
  7. A friend of mine suggested I should talk about who I am and what i want. So I did...This. I'm sorry XD
  8. This topic is something very close to my heart. I have dealt with many people hurting from this. I hope you get to see it as I do.
  9. Have you ever wondered why we fight with ourselves? This is what I reached at. This is what I saw through my eyes.
  10. There is something wrong here. This was supposed to be the second upload but it's not showing. So I'm reupping this. Also I talk about anxiety and what I saw inside other people with it.
  11. Here I'll talk about something that was happening to many people around me for a very long time.
  12. In this episode I'll tell you about loneliness and how I viewed it. And how I managed to see it. And finally got around it.
  13. I have had my fair share of depression and in the first episode I want to tell you guys how I feel about it and how I viewed it. My hope is that this inn becomes a place for everyone to rest and share a drink. Stay strong my friends. I already have the entire season 1 recorded (I have no legitimate devices so the quality is bottom notch). I will look forward to hearing from you fine folks.

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